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How are investments in #tourism approved in #Cuba ? Via Granma

A broad investment plan today guides the efforts of Cuba’s Ministry of Tourism (Mintur), as work is underway to increase the number of rooms available in the country, hotels are being repaired and new ones begun, along with extra-hotel options that complement the experience of travelers who choose Cuba.Supporting this investment process, and follow-up on the successful completion of projects, are important items on the government’s agenda, progress on which is regularly and rigorously evaluated.In several parts of the island, construction is advancing. Before the challenge that this panorama implies, some questions emerge: Who decides where to invest and why are some facilities chosen to become hotels?Granma International spoke with engineer José R. Daniel Alonso, Mintur’s general director for Development, about the selection process.

What types of buildings are chosen to become hotels? Why?

As part of the comprehensive development of tourism, going beyond sun and sand destinations, and including visits to heritage cities, natural environments, and experiences in everyday life in Cuba, a significant number of buildings have been identified across the country that could be of interest to tourism.

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#LATAM #humanrights organizations reject Bachelet’s report – Via Santa Mambisa


Human rights defenders, social and political leaders in Latin America expressed their disagreement with the recent report on Venezuela presented by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet.

In a declaration signed by dozens of Latin American personalities, organizations and political parties, among others, it is highlighted that the information presented in the Bachelet report is not very objective and fails to critically analyze the causes that underlie the current economic and social situation. Venezuelan

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#Cuba Strengthens Ties with its Citizens Abroad Via Latin Press


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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez has reaffirmed his country”s willingness to strengthen ties with its citizens living abroad.

After announcing on Twitter the start of the annual meeting of Cuban consuls in Havana, the official said: ‘We assess together the priorities of consular work and attention to Cubans living abroad.

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#AgainstViolence #FactsMatter – Houses 4 orientation to women and the family in #Cuba – Via @EcuRedOficial + @FMC_Cuba

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House of Orientation for Women and the Family. Spaces for reflection, learning, orientation and recreation, created by the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) in 155 municipalities throughout the country since 1990.

Its purpose is to raise the quality of programs and actions developed by the organization. To modify stereotypical behaviors and attitudes in women and men, young people and adolescents of both sexes in the family and society that damage and limit the full development of women and men.

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In Pictures – Restored the Statue of the Republic of #Cuba / #Havana #Capitol Via Cubadebate

This monumental sculpture was built by the Italian sculptor Angelo Zanetti and is considered the third tallest statue under the roof of the world.

Its height is 14.60 meters and rests on a marble pedestal of 2.50 meters.

Support for the #Cuban People Travel -Via @isnightcuba

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Support for the Cuban People Travel is not only a legal way for Americans to visit Cuba, but a transformational way of traveling, forging intimate and special connections with local Cuban residents. The opportunity to share a smile, make a friend, and gain real insight into the destination is what gives travel to this incredible country its meaning.

Travel with insightCuba provides guests with unique access to people and places the average tourist rarely sees. Our travelers discover Cuba through its people, from a local’s perspective. You’ll get to know extraordinary people who will inspire you, share their stories and they will enthusiastically listen to yours. We’ll take you to the heart of what makes this country so fascinating and you’ll walk away with memories you’ll cherish forever.

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#Cuba #Venezuela / Operation Miracle Gives Sight to Nearly 50 Thousand Venezuelans – Via TeleSurEnglish

Mission Miracle serves low-income patients with conditions such as cataracts, fleshiness, glaucoma, strabismus, retinal detachment, corneal dystrophy, advanced keratoconus, secondary ectasias, among others. 
The Cuban-Venezuelan project Misión Milagro (Miracle Mission) operated on more than 49,200 patients in the South American nation, said the director of Surgical Medical Assistance of that instance, Adith León.In an interview with the Sovereign Health radio program, led by the minister of the portfolio, Carlos Alvarado, the official highlighted the achievements of this initiative in the last 15 years. 

For his part, the head of Health said that some 300 Venezuelans have been trained in the field of electromedicine to achieve the goal of technological sovereignty based on scientific capabilities. 

Patients with ophthalmological pathologies from 39 countries have benefited from the program strengthened in 2005 when leaders Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez agreed to operate more than six million people over a period of ten years in the so-called Sandino Commitment.

Mission Miracle serves low-income patients with conditions such as cataracts, fleshiness, glaucoma, strabismus, retinal detachment, cornial dystrophy, advanced keratoconus, secondary ectasias, among others. 

To date, the project has benefited patients from Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and some European countries. 

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