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Flashes – Arroyo Naranjo: #Havana on its 500th Anniversary – Via Habana Quiniento / @500_habana

Flashes – Centro Habana: #Havana on its 500th Anniversary – Via Habana Quiniento / @500_habana

#Varadero #Cuba @MeliaCuba – “Hotel Internacional” – Via Granma Cuba

The official opening this September 14 of the new Hotel Meliá Internacional in Varadero, which was attended by Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, was one of the most anticipated events in the country’s tourism industry.

In spite of the enemies of the Revolution, the new installation reveals, above all, the vitality of the country and confirms the certainty that, despite the difficult economic situation caused by the U.S. blockade, we are alive and well, insisted Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, at the opening ceremony, reported

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Flashes – Playa: #Havana on its 500th Anniversary – Via Habana Quiniento / @500_habana

Flashes – Plaza de la Revolucion: #Havana on its 500th Anniversary – Via Habana Quiniento / @500_habana

Flashes – Marianao & La Lisa: #Havana on its 500th Anniversary – Via Habana Quiniento / @500_habana

Flashes – Guanabacoa & Regla: #Havana on its 500th Anniversary – Via Habana Quiniento / @500_habana

#Cuba: 3 years with the lowest #infantmortality rate #CubaPorLaSalud #CubaIsHealth Via Miradas


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Original post HERE / Maintaining the infant mortality rate due to congenital defects for three consecutive years at 0.8 per thousand live births, the lowest in the country’s history, is one of the results that makes the workers of the National Center for Medical Genetics most proud.

When the institution was founded in 2003, this indicator was 1.7 per thousand live births, and having achieved a progressive reduction that exceeds 50% of the initial rate is the clearest expression of the current scope of the genetics program , which has achieved coverage between 95 and 99% in pregnant women and newborns in all prenatal and neonatal care programs.

Dr. Hilda Roblejo Balbuena, I and II degree specialist in Clinical Genetics, Assistant Professor and researcher and head of Teaching and Research at this institution, said that these results are the result of work, in addition, of the National Network of Medical Genetics Services, with provincial departments and municipal services and at the level of polyclinics, adequately equipped, both in human resources and in technology.

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Koch’s America: the Rule of the New Robber Barons – Via @NatCounterPunch

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The U.S. is a capitalist country and capitalist control the country.  The recent death of David Koch [pronounced “coke”], principle co-owner with his brother, Charles, of the Koch Industries, reminds Americas once again that those with the power and money determine the destinies of everyone else.

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