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Authorized Voices: How to break the disinformation that exists in the United States about Cuba


Post by @CubanWindow — Original  @ Latin Press

“The best ambassadors to tell the truth about Cuba are the true Cubans, we are already tired of listening to people who only respond to the power that harasses and blocks the island”  By Ike Nahem: A longtime anti-war, socialist, and labor activist , the coordinator of Cuba Solidarity New York and a founder of the July 26 Coalition. Nahem WAS an Amtrak Locomotive Engineer and member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, a division of the Teamsters Union. 

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Cuban Authentic Phrases (Part I)



The image: The Cuban Buffo is a theatrical expression that arises after an extensive period of historical gestation in which elements as the philosophical, political and cultural planes gave account of the conscience of the nationality together with those that would conform their particular artistic form: dance , dramatic genres and modes of scenic representation. The black, the “mulata”, the Galician and the Chinese identifying the mixture of Cuban culture and heritage, Characters representative of the burlesque scene.

More about Buffo Theater HERE + HERE + HERE 

Post By @CubanWindow WIF Mi Pais Cuba

  • “You’re more of a roll than a movie”

Talkers: say a lot and do little

  • “You are behind the wooden stick and asking for the last one”

You are clueless

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Share the Truth: How The US Suppressed Native American Identity

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How did the US deal with Native Americans? By forcing their children into boarding schools so they could become “civilized.” Dennis Banks, founder of the American Indian Movement, shares his personal experiences with Abby Martin in The Empire Files.

Check the Video in HERE

A bit late but we arrived with our answers … or something like that ?!


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Answers to some of the 50 questions post by  Inbiotik, our curious follower followed

If you knew that everyone you know was going to die tomorrow, who would you visit today ?

  • We will have a super party, no sad farewells

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“San Antonio de los Baños” the Capital of the Humor in Cuba


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  • Cubainformacion TV Original Post by Madeleine Sautié – Granma.- “Laughter is the salt of life,” wrote Rubén Darío in a text in which he associated goodness, sanity, crazy music and crystal clear water to that movement of the mouth and other parts of the face that denote joy.
  • Some Cuban sites of graphic humor: DEDETE + PALANTE

Cubans, blessed from their roots with a  very peculiar sense of humor, take advantage of this virtue even in the most difficult moments, a lesson in life that allows them to “Echar pa’ lante” (Keep going despite difficulties) even when the “la cosa se pone mala” (When things in the daily doing are difficult). So the jocosity is part of the cultural heritage of our neighbors.

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Scratching the surface (II): Cuba as a traveler destination, stronger appeal than any press campaign

Original Post Spain is the destination of international sex tourism, but its press is interested …in Cuba?

By José Manzaneda –

Note: Search under the video the transcription of the article and the content of the video to English.

In 2003, the president of the United States George W. Bush launched an aggressive campaign against tourism to Cuba, trying to close the one that, at that time, was one of the few sources of income Liquid for the Island.

Today, with an annual increase of 15%, tourism is the fastest growing sector in the country and the main driving force for foreign investment projects.

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(UPDATE II) The National Conference for the Full Normalization of US-CUBA Relations

Happening Now WIF: CubaConference2017

SESSION 1: 2:15 – 3:45 PM

Cuba and African Independence and Liberation
(Room 3-04)

This Workshop will feature Isaac Saney, co-chair, Canadian Network on Cuba, author of forthcoming Africa’s Children Return! Cuba, the War in Angola and Southern African Liberation and Negash Abdurahman who will show an extended trailer of his forthcoming film Cuba in Africa.

Democracy in Cuba: Perspectives and Misconceptions
(Room 4-07)

This Workshop will be moderated by Mabel Leon, a community activist with roots in Schenectady, New York since the 1960s and an active member of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO)/Pastors for Peace, presently organizing its 28th annual Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba. Panelists include: Yamila González Ferrer, Vice-President, National Board of Directors of the National Union of Cuban Jurists, who will speak to the constitutional and legal basis of Cuba’s democracy and political system; and Arnold August, a Montreal-based journalist and author. In 2013 August was awarded the Félix Elmuza Award, Cuba’s highest journalism award for Cuban and foreign journalists. He is the author of the acclaimed titles Democracy in Cuba and the 1997-98 Elections (1999) and Cuba and Its Neighbours: Democracy in Motion (2014) and the forthcoming Cuba-U.S. Relations: Obama and Beyond.

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3 Recommendations in Terabytes


Post By @CubanWindow

Cuban society has been for years in full development , and not from the attempt to reestablish relations with the United States.

Here you have 3 recommendations to know a little about the subject (+ You can find in our main page several articles that refer to the digitization of Cuban society)


Recommendation 1: Visit the Site of the Cuban University of Informatics Sciences (UCI)

With the vision of the future of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, the University of Informatics Sciences (known as UCI) emerges in the year 2002. The remodeling of old buildings in the area where the UCI is currently located and the construction of other buildings for the new student city was made in only 106 days. This allowed the University to open its doors to the first academic year on September 23rd, 2002 with 2,008 students and more than 300 professors from all over the country.

Back in History: BTW 1938 and 1959 it was a place for a Child Guidance Center with the Real name: Reformatory of Torrens known as the room of  horror  because of  the treatment  that was  given to the children who were in that place. Read the rest of the History HERE

High quality academic programs in different modalities are available for national and foreign applicants. To enter the University successfully, it is important to know the necessary requirements. If U R Interested:

In accordance with the legal provisions approved by the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba

  • Foreign citizens,  permanent resident in the country, may enter the higher education institutions under the same legal provisions adopted for Cuban citizens.
  • Foreign citizens, non-permanent resident, enter the higher education institutions as agreed in signed and ratified by the governments of their respective countries agreements.
  • Non-Spanish-speaking foreigner citizens must demonstrate their mastery of the Spanish language. To do this, they can carry out a sufficiency test or present a proof of accreditation recognized in Cuba. (If this requirement is not met, the applicant will not be able to enroll in our high school home, until he certifies an adequate command of the Spanish language.) Look @ New York Cervantes Institute 

Recommendation 2: Know what the videogames developer community is doing in Cuba

Cuban Video Game Community  – VERTEX Center

The VERTEX center of the Cuban University of Informatic Science invite people interested in teaching, research, development and use of video games to form the Cuban Community of Video Games (CCVJ).

This Portal is the ideal medium to promote and extend collaboration in the CCVJ. The interested  will be able to find the latest news related to videogames in Cuba and the world, as well as courses, events, solved problems and resources that will be used for work or improvement.

Recommendation 3: Know about  Young Computer Club + Mochila Blog (the backpack blog)

Network of technology centers that emerged on September 8, 1987, at the initiative of Fidel, with the aim of contributing to the socialization of technologies for all cuban society

Not only do young people access this site. They offer programs of care for adults, and seniors. People with disabilities find in the club  also their space with programs especially developed by the Cuban intellect.

In the other hand, the backpack is Cultural product that offers an entertainment option for all ages and works as a non-traditional television channel, where the viewer can create their own programming, as they provide quality materials that reinforce the essential moral values of Cuba society.

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