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Strike two: when your comments go to the spam tray

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Hello readers, we have discovered that many of your comments never reach us as they are magically sent to the spam tray, although we have not activated the moderation function and should be published automatically.

So if you are one of the unwittingly mistreated by some magic filter that does not allow us to read you and before we get to the 3rd strike like in a baseball game, please use our email: we would love to read what you have to tell us.

Have a happy Thursday afternoon !!!


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The fragile line between the innovative spirit of environmentalism and madness … R U Serious ?


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“You are the first group I tell you about: a solar wall. It makes sense, let’s see, we’re working on it. A solar panel, panels, beautiful. Think about it, the higher it rises the more valuable it will be ” Donald Trump

“Not  My President” has ignored the demands of the international community and the claims of the immense immigrant  community that pushes forward an important part of the United States economy,  with its stubborn idea of ​​spending millions (which could well be destined for better causes as health and education) in building a wall between borders and has refused to subscribe to the “Treaty of Paris” in open defiance by marked and not overlapping economic interests to climate change.

Is he in full exercise of his mental faculties when he speaks of placing solar panels on the wall ? Or will it be that he has used his capacity as an entrepreneur and innovator?

We had already heard some show man joking about the possibility of taking advantage of the unreasonable costs of the wall construction with the placement of condominiums on either side of the border,  something that we found ironically funny and witty …

This absurd reality where we lived since January 20 returns to overcome fiction, so … we claim madness !!!

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#WednesdayWisdom  Gets #Cuba’s Nod 2 Start Cruises #UnblockCuba #Tourism via

#SummerSolstice comes with a #Rainbow included Great Pic 2 #share

@JamieStelter sunny’s first rainbow!


via @cda_dc Just 21% of Floridians think new #Cuba policy will improve life for Cubans, Florida Atlantic University poll shows


via @jmarczak In attempting to isolate Cuba, new policy simply isolates US from rest of the hemisphere. My thoughts in @HuffPost 

#MakeMusic #NYC 5 #Boroughs  Download our “Make Music Day” to find out where 1,000 of free concerts will be popping up around the 5 boroughs on June 21st! @makemusicny

via @hatzelvela #Minnesota Lt. Gov @tinaflintsmith on new #Cuba policy: “…disappointed we can not continue to make progress…”


US Catholic Bishops‏Verified account @USCCB  Bishop Cantú, USCCB Chairman of International Justice and Peace Statement, on Cuba Policy Changes


#WednesdayReads “I can assure Trump that progress in #Cuba has been growing in #s ways” Jerry Sorkin @phillydotcom

#blogshare #PhilandoCastile #CharleenaLyles The Body Count In the #US War vs Black Ppl Continues 2 Rise … via @cal3bg

Sovereignty, Independence and Principles, pending subjects for the current US GOP.

Press Conference by Cuban Foreign Minister 

Last June 16, the President of the United States Donald Trump announced in Miami the policy his government has decided to implement with regard to Cuba.

The Cuban government, meanwhile, issued an official statement. Cuban civil society organizations have also made declarations.

Among others, the President of the United States approved the following measures:

  • the prohibition of economic, commercial and financial relations between U.S. companies and Cuban entities linked to the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior;
  • the prohibition of individual travel by U.S. citizens under the category of “people-to-people” exchanges, and greater monitoring of all travelers;
  • as well as a review of all the programs directed against Cuba’s constitutional order, to supposedly ensure their effectiveness.

Also repealed was the Presidential Directive issued by President Barack Obama in October 2016, which despite being profoundly interventionist, and aimed at changing the constitutional order of the Republic of Cuba, did however recognize our country’s independence, sovereignty, and self-determination; Cuba’s revolutionary government as a legitimate and equal interlocutor, and also proposed a new civilized relationship intended to benefit both peoples.

The Directive, which has now been vacated, also recognized the blockade as a failed policy, which has been unsuccessful, failed to achieve its objectives, and should be eliminated.

Original and complete Press Conference HERE : Cuba will not make concessions essential to its  and , nor will it negotiate its  or accept conditions – by Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, minister of Foreign Relations of Cuba, in Vienna, Austria, June 19, 2017, Year 59 of the Revolution


How the ruling class rules? Blame migrants and refugees. #WorldRefugeeDay

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Geographical #paradoxes

cuba eu

MEPs approve EU-Cuba Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement

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👉While the moves away from the is increasingly approaching the Caribbean island 👍Approved 2day by 57 votes in favor the bilateral Dialogue & btwn &

Cuba also exists in the blogosphere


Post by @CubanWindow from the Original Cuban bloggers vs. Trump



Cuba also exists in the blogosphere.

It is the daily testimony and free thought of a nation and a people in all its rich culture of resistance and life.

Precisely because of that patriotism that identifies us as a community, we denounce the recent statements by the President of the United States,  so offensive and insulting toward our people.

Trump brakes, backs off, takes off in history, assumes the worst of positions and was surrounded by subjects with a comprehensive criminal record

The Cuban bloggers:

  • We follow and encourage the rapprochement between the two nations, despite their differences, 
  • we reject the return to the offensive discourse and the politics of the caverns, so often defeated
  • We reprove all intentions of force against the Island, while disqualifying terrorists and cheating politicians as valid interlocutors for Cubans.

President Trump must know that his mandate does not extend to Cuba and his offenses brought back to the “ice age” serve only to reinforce anti-imperialist sentiment, one more reason to unite as Cubans

The road that we have followed and the qualities of the wheel that cross it are legitimate for the popular genesis that has given it life, without pressure of any kind, forged from the people to whom we owe our roots and the incredible history of this land, Which struggles day by day for a better society and for a better world.

Those who wish to join this statement can do so through the various platforms of Social Networks where it has been published or, in their personal pages.

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