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Creativity Is For Everyone – Via The Artist’s Child

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There is nothing nicer than getting a creative gift, especially when it is something you have always wanted. But what if you were only encouraged to pursue a certain creative pursuit because of your gender? I recently saw a Christmas gift catalog from a well-known supermarket chain that did exactly that. It advertised a ukulele under the heading “gifts for him”. Was this saying that only males have the will or the time to play the ukulele, while females are engrossed in using some kitchen appliance or other “suitable” item chosen from the same catalog?

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#WensdayMotivations Tweets: #Cuba on the Net


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About What speaks the when it prevents it’s citizens 2 travel freely 2 ?

” U Can Not B HERE ” /  Via @chamberohoy 


enables 🤙 service with 📱👉 has signed with & / U must type “+” + 1 + State Code + mobile number



Strengthens Cooperation with ‘s Biopharmacy


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and Foreign Experts: on the island grows constantly / November 26 / 4.2 million visitors from 🇩🇪🇫🇷🇬🇧🇪🇸🇮🇹🇲🇽🇦🇷🇷🇺🇨🇳🇨🇦+ The charm of



It really would be a shame to leave “Santiago de Cuba” off your travel plans. So what do you need to know about the place that is most certainly not Cuba’s second city?


Do U want 2 know everything about


Round of Negotiations between Cuba and the US: shaking hands and matching interests on immigration policy, that’s the spirit.



Post by @CubanWindow

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Press release issued by the Cuban delegation to the round of migration talks with the United States. Washington, December 11, 2017 Via MINREX Cuba

A new round of migration talks was held between Cuban and US delegations, presided over respectively by Josefina Vidal Ferreiro, Director-General of the US Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and John Creamer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs.

The Cuban delegation expressed deep concern over the negative impact that the unilateral, unfounded and politically motivated decisions adopted by the US Government in September and October of 2017 have on migration relations between both countries. 

The Cuban delegation once again warned about the negative effect resulting from the suspension of the granting of visas by the US Consulate in Havana.  The decision to discontinue the processing of visas applied for by Cubans willing to visit or migrate to that country is seriously hampering family relations and all kinds of exchanges between both peoples.

Likewise, the Cuban delegation reiterated its rejection of the arbitrary expulsion of a considerable group of officials from the Cuban embassy in Washington, which has seriously affected the functioning of the diplomatic mission, particularly the Consulate and the services it offers to Cubans residing in the United States, as well as US citizens who continue to be interested in traveling to our country.

It also noted the counterproductive effect that the decision to cancel the visits of official delegations from the United States to Cuba is having on cooperation in the field of migration, which has led to the postponement of several mutually beneficial exchanges that had been previously scheduled. Should the current situation persist, exchanges in this and other areas will be even more affected.

Regarding the implementation of the migration accords in force, the Cuban representatives urged the US Government to comply with its obligation to grant no less than 20 000 travel documents every year for Cuban citizens willing to migrate to that country. Likewise, the Cuban delegation once again expressed its concern over the enforcement of the Cuban Adjustment Act, which continues to encourage irregular migration and whose abrogation will be crucial to the establishment of normal migration relations between the two countries.

Both delegations agreed to recognize the positive impact that the Joint Statement signed on January 12, 2017 has had, particularly the elimination of the “wet foot/dry foot” policy and the “Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program”, in reducing irregular migration from Cuba to the United States. Likewise, both delegations agreed on the usefulness of the exchange between the Cuban Border Guard and the U.S. Coast Guard Service held in July and the technical meeting on trafficking in persons and migration fraud held in September, which will be followed up on December 12, 2017.

The Cuban delegation reiterated its willingness to continue holding new rounds of migration talks.

Seeks US university to enhance collaboration with Cuba

Via Juventud Rebelde Cuba 

Southern Illinois University is among the top 200 universities in the United States in the field of research, with an annual budget of about 76 million dollars; This position stands out if one takes into account that the northern nation has around three thousand centers of higher education

 The South American University of Illinois expressed its interest in enhancing cooperation with Cuban institutions, both from a commercial and research point of view. 

This was confirmed by Jim Garvey, vice dean of the Faculty of Research of Southern Illinois University (SIU), who heads the delegation of the center of higher studies that participated in the international congress Biotechnology Havana 2017. 

We have been traveling to Cuba since 1999 when 42 of our specialists visited this nation. After that first exchange, many Cuban researchers visited our institution, not only to enrich the dialogue, but also to advance in the collaboration, as Garvey pointed out to PL. 

The scientist explained that the academic entity he represents is very interested in benefiting from Cuban biotechnology linked to the development of its vaccines and animal feed supplement products. 

Garvey informed that the SIU has developed a very important structure towards the Caribbean island; An example of this is the creation of the Center for Cuba and the Caribbean, with teachers who have traveled half a dozen times to the island. So the US institution is at a very propitious time to materialize cooperation projects. 

Southern Illinois University is among the top 200 universities in the United States in the field of research, with an annual budget of about 76 million dollars; This position stands out if one takes into account that the northern nation has around three thousand higher education centers.

According to Garvey, Illinois is a coal-rich state, so much of the SIU’s research is linked to the use of that mineral to produce gasoline, plastics and fertilizers. 

This academic institution is also a leader in the development of carbon capture technologies, and is currently engaged in exploring other solutions to progressively dispose of the use of this mineral as a primary fuel, for which it has a budget of 4, 6 million dollars. 

Biotechnology is an important branch, with significant advances in the development of advanced agricultural systems, engineering, and the improvement of plants. 

An important group of researchers, led by the British Richard John Roberts, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1993, were summoned at the Plaza America Convention Center, Varadero, as part of the sessions of the 2017 Biotechnology Havana Congress. 

The event gathered until Wednesday an important group of bio technologists, chemists, doctors and other researchers from similar branches of Latin America, the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, and was linked on this occasion to the challenge of finding new ways of producing food and how biotechnology can contribute to that effort.

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47 seconds of reflection on capitalism

“We invented a mountain of superfluous consumption, and you have to pull and live buying and pulling.
And what we are spending is life time, because when I buy something, or you do not buy it with money, you buy it with the time of life that you had to spend to have that money.
But with this difference: the only thing you can not buy is life.
Life is spent.
And it is miserable to spend your life to lose freedom “

Former President of Uruguay, José Mujica


Magic & Tenacity made miracles: After Irma Hotels in the Keys to the North of Cuba R reborn

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beaches cuba nat geo (4)

Post by @CubanWindow WIF Cubadebate

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September 9/4  people were crying, embraced, employees and hotel managers, residents of the area, and anyone who saw how Hurricane Irma destroyed everything found in their pass, lifted some pieces of  speedway over the sea and more.


Only two and a half months ago we heard that everything was ready to receive customers.

We could not believe it.


That’s why we went to see with our own eyes, how magic, tenacity and sense of belonging made miracles.

A group of journalists visited more than 20 four and five star hotels in the keys of the north of Cuba, and we discovered that the transformation has been for the better.


The environment has been respected.


A large group of flamingos perished and now the colony of these animals tries to repopulate. They have returned butterflies and zunzuns. The dolphins continue to dance and applaud the entrance of customers. We also verified that it will be a high season of excellent occupational percentage.




“Arts of Cuba” – From the Island To The World will shine in the Kennedy Center


artes 4

Link to the full program HERE

Post by @CubanWindow WIF Cubadebate 

The “Arts of Cuba” From the Island To The World Festival will be held from May 8 to 20, 2018 at The John F. Kennedy Center – Washington DC. and will bring together Cuban artists living on the island and in other countries, who will show the best of Cuban culture through a comprehensive program: music, dance, theater, film, visual arts, design, fashion and gastronomy.

The Festival will extend beyond the presentation spaces of the Kennedy Center to the free show room “El Milenium”, where live shows will be broadcast and transmitted through its website.

Saturday, May 12 will include a free family day with artistic presentations and educational activities sponsored by the Center’s Education Department with offers for all ages.


#TalkingStraight – The appointment of a new “ambassador” + new plans to destabilize relations with Cuba.


From the original post – USA designa a connotado provocador como su embajador en Cuba ( USA names connoted provocateur as its ambassador in Cuba) / Descubriendo Verdades – Cuba 

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Trump has chosen to appoint as new ambassador to Cuba the alleged career diplomat – with extensive experience in destabilizing plans in other nations – Philip Seth Goldberg, as has been leaked by some sources and the media with the mission to apply within the Island the plans that the US has to generate new tensions with the island.

Although up to now the Cuban government has only been an unofficial recipient of Trump’s intention, there are strong doubts about what US policy objectives toward Cuba would be fulfilled by Goldberg, a long-time connoted provocateur.

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Scientific collaboration between Cuba and the US “Put on Hold” by Trump’s measures



WIF Granma Cuba Original Post: Trump’s measures hamper scientific collaboration between Cuba and the U.S. – The government is actively limiting collaboration. Four grants awarded to Cuba’s Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine by the U.S. National Institutes of Health to study Zika, chikungunya and dengue, have been “put on hold”

Recent steps taken by the Trump administration to reinforce the blockade, limit travel, and control trade between Cuba and the States, have left an unexpected victim: the boom in scientific collaboration between the two countries that followed the December 17, 2014 decision to move toward normalizing relations.

Although the new regulations do not specifically target science, and travel licenses for academic purposes are still available, a “toxic atmosphere” exists, generating “uncertainty” around cooperation, according to an article in the highly respected magazine Science.

U.S. scientists are making fewer trips to Cuba, and their Cuban colleagues are traveling less often in the opposite direction, since the U.S. embassy in Havana is no longer processing the necessary visas, which means an additional trip to a third country, the publication added.

At the beginning of November, the U.S. Departments of Treasury, Commerce, and State announced that regulations would go into effect regarding the kinds of activities in which U.S. citizens could engage during their visits to Cuba, going as far as listing the brands of soft drinks they could consume.

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