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Tip 1 Currency

Services in Cuba are priced in Cuban Convertible (CUC) and Cuban Pesos (CUP).
Because the blockade “embargo” U.S. Credit and Debit cards do not currently work in Cuba and Currency exchange from US dollars in Cuban Convertible (CUC) pesos will be subject to a 10% charge.

Transactions from Canadian dollars, Euro, UK pounds and Swiss Francs are not going to be taxed when exchanged into Cuban Convertible.
So, carry enough cash you to last you your whole trip.
Check for exchange day rates in here: Banco Central de Cuba  
Tip 2 Cuba General Custom
All you need to know about import and export, regulatory documents and other matters of interest may be found in:  Aduana General de la Republica de Cuba   
Tip 3 Safety, Health Insurance, Medical Services
Cuba is extremely family-friendly, and children are welcome virtually everywhere. However, common sense precautions should be taken to protect valuables in crowded areas.
Travelers must present proof of health insurance in order to enter the country. Travelers without insurance may obtain coverage in Cuba through the ASISTUR SA  travelers’ aid company which offers medical, financial, legal and car insurance; handles return travel in case of illness or death; provides help in finding lost luggage, obtaining new travel documents and making plane and hotel reservations. Its switchboard is open 24 hours a day.
All hotels have doctors on staff or on call, guaranteeing primary health care. Every major resort area also has an international clinic that handles more complex medical conditions. These clinics are located across the country + Info
Tip 4 Phone & Internet Access
Public fixed telephony for direct-dialed calls, paid in Cuban pesos (for local calls – 20 cents and 1 peso) or with phone cards that can be purchased in hotels, conference centers and commercial offices Cuba telecommunications company.
You can do your international calls from your hotel or rented house.
There are 212 spaces around the island for WIFI connection:
For roaming services and more general information: ETECSA
Tip 5 To Move Around
Cuba has excellent taxi services as well as cars, vans and motorcycles;  along 31,000 miles of highways and other paved roads link all of the population centers and interest sites.
Official car rental service: metered fares which must be paid for in CUC. For longer trips you can negotiate a flat fee. Check-in TRANSTUR + TRANSGAVIOTA  
You can also rent a “Coco taxis” bright yellow three-seaters scooters, can be found in most cities and are a fun alternative; they’re also official, but aren’t metered.
Classic pristine vintage cars (with driver) for a fee: check-in TripAdvisor for more information.
Official Buses: VIAZUL VIAJES
Drive by yourself: You need to be 21 with a valid driver’s license showing a year’s experience
Railroad Trip: + Information  
You can also find “Calezas”, horse drawn buggies, and “ciclo taxis” – a bike taxis
Tip 6 Guides, recording, snapshots and shopping
You may travel unaccompanied, but guides can show you place of interest you might not find on your own.
Photos and videos can be taken freely, except in restricted areas, such as military zones. Museums have specific regulations.
The Stores in hotels, villas and airports sell Cuban cigars, rum and coffee, as well as snacks, crafts, toiletries, books and souvenirs.

Remember!!! You cannot travel as tourist but you must know everyplace in Cuba, so find a lot of information in: INFOTUR

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