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Dry foot, Wet foot: The Cuban Adjustment Act


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In October 1965 President Lyndon Bill Johnson with the approval of  Congress introduced new amendments to the US immigration legislation, which among other things reduced the differential treatment of immigrants from the countries of Western and Eastern Hemisphere, and gave priority to people who they were close relatives of Americans and citizens living in that country, as well as subjects with special abilities.
A year after the start of the airlift from the Memorandum, signed in the United States The Cuban Adjustment Act reaffirms the particular treatment to Cuban migrants, by granting political asylum  automatically (regardless of the ways and means used, even if arriving illegally ) and the ability to adjust the immigration status a year and a day to stay in US territory opting for residency without having to leave the United States, as established by the immigration Act for the rest of the immigrants.
Last August,  nine Latin American governments made a request to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to review the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act, which provides Cuban citizens with numerous benefits in seeking U.S. residents, and promotes  the unorganized, irregular and unsafe flow of Cuban citizens. The US Government do not reply the request.
In 1994, Cuba and the United States have signed a bilateral immigration agreement establishing the obligation for the US to issue 20,000 visas annually to Cuban nationals.  Historically the former Interests Section in Havana United States, Embassy now has failed to comply with the minimum quota of visas to Cuban citizens, encouraging the emigration of those who do not receive this legal benefit.
On September 30 took place the fourth meeting of the bilateral commission between US and Cuba without concrete agreements regarding the policy of “dry foot, wet foot “.

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