Waiting for 2017 in Cuba


Post by @CubanWindow

Want to attract good luck and prosperity are as old as humanity itself

Customs and traditions around the world have weaved the night before start  a new cycle of 12 months

At midnight there’s only   a minute to ask a year to bring some happiness, so,  in the 24 hours before that Cubans throw hands to all the traditions they know:

Using new clothe for a renew wardrobe

Light candles to have peace and harmony in the coming year

Clean the house, especially the corners and throw away all the old or broken things to remove the bad energies and expel the unwanted

Wear colored underwear: red for love, yellow for luck, white for health or green for money

“Money calls money” so it’s not a bad idea wait for the year with some bills in your hand

During the day, wishes, dreams, and new goals are written on a paper and kept until midnight. In another papel they also put the bad and negative things of the year that is gone and does not want to be repeated

At midnight the rituals grow:

Lentils beans: some eat them and others pull them to attract fortune, prosperity and ensure food

Walking or jogging with suitcases is not a test of urban athletics, they expect the New Year bring them many trips

Eat 12 grapes, one for each month of the year and each with a different desire.

Should eat an apple, to attract health and well

Already close to the new year, opens and read the paper with dreams and goals that was written in the day  and burn the paper that contains all the bad and negative things of the year . The idea is to let go of the frustrations, anger, sadness and welcome the new year with a positive mind

The New Year coincides with the anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution so there are popular festivals throughout the Island.

This ending-year-day dinner is the most important and familiar for cubans.

For this occasion the tables are dressed with the best of the house. For many the pork meat  is the host of the meal and its preparation becomes a ritual.

The pork is roasted  on charcoal, or in the oven at a very low heat ; accompanied by the congrí, well seasoned; the mixed salads of lettuce, tomato, cabbage and carrot, ripe fried bananas or ladybirds or tostones * fried green bananas and cassava with  sauce based on sour orange, pork fat and a lot of semi fried garlic.For dessert a tasty Pudding  *made with swit milk, regular milk eggs and caramel or torrijas * made with bread, eggs and milk, fried in oil and serve with caramel syrup.

At 12 all family stand up in front a TV, an announcer congratulates everyone and  the cannon shots from San Carlos de La Cabana , then they all kiss each other, greet each other, hug each other, congratulate each other and start one of the funniest and most spectacular rituals: “The old year burning “

A big doll is cremated to ward off bad luck or negative energies , as well as transition and celebrated the arrival of the new year

Cuban Holidays are a reason for meeting; the rumba is usually played all night long until enero 1 sunrise

The last night of December has something magical for cuban people, who deserve all the prosperity and good luck in the following year