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“What is the secret of our approach? It lies in the fact that human capital can achieve far more than financial capital.  Human capital implies not only knowledge but also-crucially important- political awareness, ethics, a sense of solidarity, truly human feelings, a spirit of sacrifice, heroism and the capacity to do a lot with very little”

Fidel Castro Ruz, at the first graduation of ELAM students, August 2005

Henry Reeve  was born in Brooklyn, New York, on April 4, 1850 and died in Matanzas, Cuba

on August 4, 1876. Reeve was 26 years old at the time of his death, and had served in the Cuban Army for 7 years , Having participated in over 400 engagements against the Spanish Army. He was honored by the Cuban government in 1976 on the centenary of his death with a postal stamp.

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The Cuban Medical Brigade who honors him,  was established in 2005 by more than 1,500 Cuban health professionals trained in disaster medicine and infectious disease containment; built on more of 40 years of medical aid experience, the volunteer team was outfitted with essential medicines and equipment and prepared to deploy to US regions ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, the offer was rejected by the Bush administration  Today,

Cuba´s Henry Reeve Brigade was the largest medical team on the ground in west Africa battling Ebola.