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And these madmen are pretending that everyone does exactly the same as them, but we don’t like it what they have !!!!  Fidel Castro Ruz, Havana November 25, 1994

Rick Scott, Evangelical Christian, Republican, Attorney and Governor of the warm State of Florida.  After the war, Scott’s father was a city bus driver and then a truck driver. His mother worked as a JC Penney clerk. At times the family struggled financially, and when Gov. Scott started public school, they lived in public housing.

A letter sent by Scott to the President of the Republic of Cuba was made public, the press labeled it as “felt” in advocating that the island people could live in a country with “democracy” and “absolute freedom.”

Scott foresaw that some might mock the letter but hoped with it to achieve the good of the Cuban people and would pray “ALSO” for a change to come.

The Governor has never been in Cuba, so suppose that he has outlined his requests from someone, who may also have never been on the island, repeating the same to the weariness as an acetate disc that does not stop turning, I dare to add that it also could took a handful of what the disinformation media publish about and Voila!!!, letter on the way…

It would never really tough to send a missive to ask for absolutely nothing if I am not convinced that I am fair and objective on my pretensions and much less on behalf of who has not asked me to do so.

We may not know that some ostensible group emerged from the millions of Cubans who gathered in Revolution Square to dismiss the leader of their Revolution and shouted in unison #YoSoyFidel (#ImFidel) or what is the same #SoyFidelista (#ImFidelista) – therefore I fight for the displaced, I give my whole life to guarantee free education, healthcare, social welfare and protection to my people, I distribute the little that I have to who needs it more, I fight against climate change and I do not claim undeserved honors after my physical departure–  asked Mr. Scott to intercede on his behalf?

Scott, lack of arguments, returns to the rhetoric of the most reactionary groups in Miami, he delves into the wrong-told history of the island, he sidestep the palpable merits of the Revolution in all spheres of social life, invokes constantly his god, but maybe also does’nt know in Cuba there is a Council of Churches where harmoniously converge the most diverse religious manifestations on the island.

“The people of Florida and the the United States are ready to help make their country a success, from night to day, with unprecedented levels of trade and capital investment”, sorry, but are you intends to sell Cubans the American dream of live ? Are our battered country in conditions to offer lessons of success and economic bonanza to others…? I mean, please.

This disrespectful and lack of arguments letter is nothing more than the necessary flirtation of a politician with their potential and demanding voters in the race to ensure their ascent to the Senate in 2018.

Our “democratic and inclusive system” has collapsed, we are not in a position to offer lessons in democracy or to require others absolutely nothing, please Mr. Scott,  look at your backyard.

Possibly Cuba will return your missive without even opening the envelope


PD: Of course, this kind offer excludes the lifting of the longest genocide in history, the blockade  imposed to the island for more than 50 years.