Posted by JM Alvarez

Good morning to all comrades. Havana, Cuba. First free territory of America. 07:34 a. M.

Today I got up and I said,  no one will come to evict me, I do not have to pay for the children’s school, I have to go get the last scanner on January 3, I have not spent a penny on my recovery from a serious affectation.

I ate a little bit of cheese, with a Cuban coffee. There is guava paste but I did not want to. There is not water bills, telephone, rent, gas, electricity to pay today, so I upload the bills later.

My children go to school and university, I must not worry about anything, neither expenses or violence, and we will all see each other this afternoon, as always.

And all this thanks to who? … FIDEL, like it or do not like it.

I am very sorry that in other places, the morning story that I have just done, it is not so.

Fidel, the man who always saw far away.

Fidelista Forever