… Is Fidel’s breathing.

Those quick steps of the people running to work are Fidel’s steps.

That cheerful voice of children’s in school

that pointing hand

that finger that accuses

that fertile soil under the nails

are the joy, the hands,  the fingers of Fidel.
That watchful pupil on the border

that knee that does not bend

that force that does not cease

is the pupil, the knee, the strength of Fidel.

Ideas are more immortal than the gods.

Fidel is made of ideas.

We are Fidel.


the dreamers

The passions

The children saved in the world

The literate

The awake

Those who shook the American boot

Those who were at last free

Those who face the market

Those who do not let themselves be seduced by the colored beads, the ones we follow,



We are forever, Fidel.

Ocean Sur