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“Health care in Cuba wasn’t built in a day. It was built over the last 50 years, with a public policy of emphasizing health care for all.” – Gail Reed

Community Doctors : A documentary on Havana’s ELAM (Latin American School of Medicine), which UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon called “the most advanced medical school in the world.”

Our government maintains an inhuman blockade against the island and rejected the Cuban government’s humanitarian aid in 2005, so,  it could reasonably be assumed that Cuba  would be the last place an American would go to graduate for free as a doctor.

A short brief:

In 1998 hurricanes Mitch and George affected several Central American and Caribbean countries, thousands died and economic losses were substantial.

The revolutionary government in Cuba conceived an Integral Health Program, a cooperation project, which led to the sending of brigades composed of doctors, nurses and other health workers to the most affected and isolated places in those territories.

Fidel , in this context, conceived the creation of the LATIN AMERICAN SCHOOL OF MEDICINE (ELAM), to form free of charge as doctors to young people from differents countries.

Most students entering the Faculty come from humble families, low-income and isolated places. More than 100 ethnic groups are represented. In this diversity lies the strength of the cultural unity of this project.

At present, 117 countries from virtually all continents, distributed in different years and faculties of all the provinces of the country, integrate this project. More than 25 thousand doctors from 84 countries have graduated to date.

The Fact:

Free public education system in Cuba (from primary to university) has allowed several young Americans to graduate as doctors and  offer their services in our country

Here you have some health institutions in the courtyard with the privilege of having ELAM graduates / By the way,  we  have  new yorkers too:

Institute for Family Health (Harlem) Family Medicine Residency in New York, NY

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Program in Brooklyn, NY

Montefiore Primary Care & Social Internal Medicine Residency Program in Bronx, NY

University of California, Riverside, Family Medicine Residency Program in Moreno Valley, CA

White Memorial Center Family Medicine Residency Program in Los Angeles, CA

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program in Pomona, CA

Contra Costa Health Services Family Medicine Residency Program in Martinez, CA

Kaweah Delta Family Medicine Residency Program in Visalia, CA

University of California, Irvine School of Medicine Psychiatry Family Medicine Residency Program in Irvine, CA

University of California Los Angeles (Olive View) Internal Medicine Residency Program in Sylmar, CA

Morehouse School of Medicine Family Medicine Dr. Residency Program in Atlanta, GA

Presence Saints Mary & Elizabeth Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program in Chicago, IL

Cook County Health and Hospitals System Pediatrics Residency Program in Chicago, IL

Good Samaritan Hospital Residency Program in Internal Medicine in Cincinnati, OH

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