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” When the mass media  emerged,  they seized minds and governed not only on lies, but on conditioned reflexes.

A lie is not the same as a conditioned reflex.

Lies affect knowledge; The conditioned reflex affects the ability to think.

And it is not the same to be uninformed than to have lost the capacity of think , because they have already created in you reflexes “This is bad, this is bad, socialism is bad, socialism is bad.” And all the ignorants, all the illiterates, all the poor people, all the exploited, saying: “Socialism is bad.” “Communism is bad.”

They do not teach to read and write to the masses, they spend billions in publicity every year taking the hair  of the immense majority of the humanity ( Making them look stupid)  – that, in addition, pays the lies that they  said, turning the human being into person that , apparently did not even have the capacity to think, because they make them consume soap, which is the same soap with 10 different brands, and they have to deceive it, because that million  of millions were no pay by the companies, it is paid by those who acquire the products under the publicity.

They spend on creating conditioned reflexes, because he bought Palmolive, the other one bought Colgate, the other Padlock soap,  because they told him 100 times, associated with a beautiful image and were planted, carving the brain of all of them. They, who talk so much about brainwashing, carving it, give it a shape, take away the human being’s the ability to think.”

Fidel Castro Ruz

Fragment taken from the book 100 Hours with Fidel written by Ignacio Ramonet

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