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January 2017

A Virtual Walk Through the Life of Jose Marti

#NuestroMarti  a short film documentary on the life of Cuban National hero Jose Marti and uses the magic of virtual reality to bring his story to life. The film looks at how cities like New York, Tampa and Havana shaped his poetry and philosophy and explores the city of his birth.

Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler, Cuban Historian of the Havana and Ambassador of good will of the UN masterfully recounts some passages of the life of the national hero.



Ready to Explore Cuba?


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Yesterday, at The New York Times Travel Shows, John McAuliff, Executive Director & Founder of The Fund for Reconciliation & Development (Cuba/US People to People Partnership), conducted a seminar to share their knowledge and passion on the latest informations on flights, accommodations, cruises and legal updates to find out what Us people need to know about traveling to Cuba.

Learn more about traveling to Cuba, and the rights you have as an American in:

  1. Traveling to Cuba
  2. Make your Plans a Reality
  3. The easiest way to get a nationwide overview? 
  4. Get ready to Travel!


Honest Journalism


Fairy Tales About NGOs & Subversions (Part II)

Post by @CubanWindow
WIF:    Arthur González – Site: Martianos

In October 2016, the Cuban site Cubadebate presented an article in which it revealed that the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) finances a set of projects for subversion against Cuba including the support of the Cubanet and Diario de Cuba social networking sites , both stimulate in their profile the anti-Cuban policy developed by the US in its purpose of discrediting the Cuban revolution.


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#StandUpForTruth To #fight 4 the causes of others with the same force with which U #fight for Ur causes exalts Ur #humanity


Counter-Cuban-Revolution Campaigns have always more media impact on the networks and the press than the truth behinds them. The origin it is clear, is manufactured from the outside to intended to oversize an “opposition” that is clearly insignificant and isolated from the current Cuban reality.

The well-paid mercenaries (expect our second article on the subversive war against the island ) do not claim inalienable rights for Cubans, but access to the WI-FI as a basic need (even when Cuba is immersed in a franc process of transformation  of its society in despite of the Us Blockade) they treated ignoring that 4.5 billion people, which means that two-thirds of the world’s population don’t have access to the world’s largest source of information and data or which its more important and heartrending MORE than 900 MILLIONS peoples in the world live without access  to drinking water.

Sincerely, we find it so absurd to hear someone call an international campaign with the name of the non-inspire and insipid phrase “I love WI-FI”, when in our country we are still struggle for women’s rights, indigenous minorities, displaced & immigrants …..


Cuba Travel Text: Match with True or False




Cuba’s Colorful Folklore & Curiosities

Post By @CubanWindow

Original Text: Curiosities of Cuban tourism: Yemayá attracts travelers By Roberto F. Campos * Latin Press 

Recommend: Sites of Cuban Culture

Tourists from all over the world are impressed by religious dances of African origin that highlight Cuba’s colorful folklore, claiming details of island traditions.

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Donald Trump and the American Revolution (imported text)


Imported Text – Write by Eduardo Rothe -Venezuelan professor and journalist

The Great Northern Republic finally emerges from the sinister 20th Century, and is part of the great revolution of the millennium that awakens in Europe and already walks through Latin America.

Trump marks the beginning of a time that will go beyond the populism of his inaugural speech: “January 20, 2017 will be remembered as the day when the people returned to rule in this nation” because “It is not the transition of Power from one president to another, from one party to another … but from Washington DC to the people” “because” What really matters is not which party controls the government, but whether the people control the government or not. “

He will have the time  to repent of their words.

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Generation Touch the Reflection of a Moving Cuba


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Translation from Rebel Youth 

WIF  Center for Youth Studies / @FuturoCubano1 / A national study of characterization of the Cuban adolescent. (Extract)

Keyla Estévez García, researcher and director of the research project stated that “its behavior is definitely similar to today’s Cuba with transformations, changes; and you have to understand it in that new scenario “

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Fairy Tales About NGOs & Subversion (Part I)


Post by @CubanWindow 

Main subject:

  • US Programs to destabilize the revolutionary process in Cuba /  The World Learning To Cuba (Part I)

Must Read:

  • Where Do Your Taxes Go? find it at the bottom of the page

Required Notes: 

  • The University of Havana has 13 exchange programs with American students, so that means that hundreds of them are now spending their semester of studies in Cuba
  • The island are dealing with more than 100 countries around the world and signed a little more than two thousand agreements with different universities and government institutions to improve the Cuban educational system and to guarantee the overcoming of their students and cloisters
  • US Gov. has always opposed the academic exchange with Cuba. in the reverse exchange, ex. in 2016 only an US scholarship came to Cuba
  • The Consortium for Advanced Study Abroad (CASA), chaired by Brown University and with the participation of Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, the University of Pennsylvania and Vanderbilt, has now as permanent headquarters the Gallery Haydee Santamaria, of the House of the Americas, a cultural institution in the capital’s neighborhood of El Vedado. But: Are Focus on the mobility of university students towards Cuba. The mobility of Cuban students to the United States is currently not allowed but could change, we could consider it * said Herald Kendall Brostuen, director of the Office of International Programs at Brown and director of the board of CASA

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