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The obstinate renegades and transnational corporations of disinformation are once again unable to show to their faithful followers which moved millions of young Cubans to march at the Revolution Square past December 2. Instead to show whats really happened, they shoot their unrealistic cronies paid  by who wouldn’t  see their millions affected if their  followers realize that they have been submerged in a kind of collective blindness-deafness. So there is no other way out that to turn in to the advertising impact: The regime forced them.

Others remain silent as they lose their arguments in the face of such greatness and patriotism, they lack of it, they have never experienced it, they can not understand what it means.

The facts, it is impossible to force millions of people to defend their right to live in a sovereign country, who do not want the empire to interfere in their internal affairs and put their boot on them, who do not want to return to the sad past, who want to continue having all their rights guaranteed, a people who  struggle every year in the United Nations against the U.S blockade (the longest genocide act in the history) , a people who deploy their military parade not to demonstrate power to any one or intimated others, they just want to reaffirm themselves that all the people are willing to never give up their independence.

It been passed few hours after the celebration of the 58th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, on Monday January 2, Havana’s Revolution Square was hosting a Military Parade and march of the people (millions of Cubans, mostly young people) in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Granma expedition’s landing and the heroic uprising in Santiago de Cuba (Revolutionary Armed Forces Day), also they honoring Fidel Castro, and Cuba’s youth.

The trip was inspired for the noble objective to reach total independence of Cuba, plunged in pain by the exploitation of one of the most sanguinary marionettes of the American empire, Fulgencio Batista, who came to power through a military coup, which ended the constitutional order and overthrew the democratically elected government of Carlos Prío Socarrás, a few months before the presidential elections of June 1952.

Batista  established a military dictatorship, U.S immediately recognized the government imposed by force. In May 1955, following a Washington order, the military regime created the Communist Activities Repression Bureau (BRAC), which was charged wit”suppressing all subversive activities that might affect the United States”. The real BRACs objetive was torture and killed hundreds of young revolutionaries and regular citizens. The Dictator also established millionaire businesses with renowned mobsters, Cuba became the court of prostitution and gambling for many Americans, Batista kept between  10 and 30 % of all the collections made in Casinos and prostitution houses.