Post By @CubanWindow

The Yellow Press attack all our senses with repeated images until the exhaustion, it is questioned if it had not been better option to show the statements of the Police Department and not the video that tears the feelings of all races and religions, nevertheless they show it , once and again.

Now our feelings are broke, it’s the time for “the wise people”, they crowd before the cameras , spit out their truths, fight with each others to prove who are more brilliant, expressing their hatreds and frustrations.

The Breaking News is became trending in Twitter, viral in the network, the miraculous Kilobytes tells us that it is the most searched news, the most retweeted, the most commented, the most liked and attack once again all our senses.

US Breaking News do the best they can do, It take us away the capacity to reflect, the one that makes us human beings and separates us by a very narrow margin from act as animals.