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Has been speculated about the origin of the word “Guajiro” –  Pronounced like war hero– (cuban people living in a distant geography point, with rustic manners and shy personality. * According to the Real Academy of Spanish Language)

There are who attribute their born to the American soldiers who participated in the Spanish-Cuban-American War and called, for logics reasons  the brave “mambises” as “war heroes”

If it had been so, we would be proud to have found this other point of rapprochement between our countries, although the context would have been, for obvious historical reasons, one more chapter of our interfering history that we wish to erase.

Moved by the interest of finding the origin of the word we have known that actually appeared long before our ancestors arrived on the island in 1898.

 Juan Cristobal Napoles Fajardo ( The Cucalambe), was the most prominent figure in Cuban literature in the 19th century, an exponential representative of siboneyismo (current aboriginal culture in Cuba) and criollismo (current peasant culture  in Cuba), wrote in one of his More known poems:

I love my rustic jewel,

The hollow root of the cedar.

And when I admire the sun

The dying reflexes,

I enjoy listening in the distance

The songs of the guajiro

The Cucalambe died in 1861, 37 years before our ancestors imprinted their imperialist boots on the island, honor to which honor deserves … Cubanísimo Guajiro !

* Guajiro (ra)

  • Person who lives and works in the countryside or who comes from a rural area.
  • Person of rustic manners.
  • Shy person.
  • Cuban popular song of peasant theme.