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Cultural and Historical Background

Havana University just turns 289 years old. Founded in 1728 , is the oldest study center in Cuba. His staircase, recognized as a symbol, was built in 1930 and is the main access to the campus, at the end of its 88 steps is the Alma Mater.

He has witnessed university marches, rallies and concerts. Climbing the steps on the first day of classes for the newbie’s is a challenge and a pride.

The Center was built in the heart of Vedado, a central municipality of Havana and it is composed of 18 faculties. The Design Institute will be incorporated for the next academic year then will be 19 Faculties. There are also 15 Information Centers, 1 Central Library, 3 Museums and 1 “Aula Magna”  (Great Classroom)

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 The University receives professionals, specialists and students from different countries, the academic and professional exchange is guaranteed with flexible programs of high quality. Professionalism, quality and exclusivity are their premises, as part of a university of academic excellence and high commitment to the Cuban social project.

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