quixote-figths-againts-windDon Quixote against Windmills

Post by @CubanWindow

Some choose to wear the armor of Don Quixote to fight solitary battles in defense of their rights. For others, convinced that joining voices and efforts is making them stronger and more lenient, battles are launched from unity of thought.

So, we decide to defend our inherent rights (an obligation that will accompany us Until the end of our days) because we are all born free, because we are all equal and etc… at least that tells us since we started repeating the bill of rights.

But, unable to discern between the good and the bad of this complicated world that surrounds us our government, loving father and mother, decides in search of our best benefit which is better for us.

As orphans of the ability to understand, we hold her hand and we do not let her go until we release the last breath of life.

Thus we spend our existence waiting for him to tell us that or who, according to him is good or not for us, we blindly follow his absurd mandates and laws and unwittingly we help him to uphold the principles of our twisted foreign policy.

Straight to the point.

As a result of normalization processes with Cuba our Government decided that the island would no longer be in the list of terrorist countries (1) , the reason for our (against-rights) ban to travel to the island as tourist. Nevertheless, we are yet no allowed to flight to Cuba as a tourist, we need to attended the 12 categories that the government list 4 us  + THE FREEDOM TO TRAVEL TO CUBA ACT (2) that was launch as a proposal of 2 congressman’s since 2015, has not yet been approved.

Some at social networks think that we have other big problems worrying about than this “insignificant violation” of our right to go freely wherever we want.

But, from this newly born blog we drop of the protective harsh hand of our father to claim him to respect the basic and main right to be free.

(1) A terrorist attack against us or our interests has never been launched from Cuba. We can not say the same thing in reverse. Check:

(2)  The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress, and was published on Feb 2, 2015. Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act of 2015 This bill states that: The President may not prohibit or otherwise regulate travel to or from Cuba by U.S. citizens or legal residents, or any of the transactions incident to such travel, including banking transactions; any regulation in effect on the date of enactment of this Act prohibiting or otherwise regulating such travel or transactions incident to such travel shall cease to have any force or effective; but the prohibitions and requirements of this Act shall not apply if the United States is at war with Cuba, armed hostilities between the two countries are in progress, or there is imminent danger to the public health or the physical safety of U.S. travelers.