Post by @CubaWindow

A rampant race to get ahead, get followers, grow in visits, accumulate LIKES and RTW does not allow us to look back at time-news, and despite what some people think, the past matters, helps us understand the present and the future. Otherwise we run the risk of forgetting events that deserve to be remembered despite their harshness (wounding our feelings as human beings more by definition than by logic)

Almost lost in 25 years (many of us were not born yet) on June 9, 1992 a group of 7 tied and murdered 4 young soldiers who guarded the recreation center in Cuba  name as “Tarara” (Recommend: Documentary performance on the facts of Tarara (Spanish) – Youtube). The attackers were aimed to kidnap one of the boats to leave the country and take advantage of the benefits provided by the Cuban Adjustment Act, imposed since 1966 by US to the Island as a part of the laws-pack that support the blockade and permit the illegal entry of Cubans into our territory, regardless of the routes and methods they use.

History gives us another element to understand why it is necessary to lift the blockade and all the laws that support it.

We finished this not-forget-in-history post looking towards twitter, and the hashtag Before Getting Married is trending …..