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The Center for Research and Development of Medicines (CIDEM) , Business Group BioCubaFarma partner, has 48 new projects in research of products for human use.

The portfolio is divided into new lines for the development of new chemical entities, drugs and molecules with therapeutic forms, known as super generic, as an additional benefit to the conventional medicine, and said that innovative medicines include generic, natural products and health related.

The CIDEM developed the first disinfection water effervescent tablets-chlorine destined -, a technology used in Cuba with very high effectiveness.

An investment was planned to increase six times the production of the current plant and is projected to build a larger one in the Special Development Zone of Mariel
Another line developed by CIDEM is Neolimpilen, for the cleaning of contact lenses, which is used as a moisturizer and antiseptic and has lubricating and stabilizing activity.