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Far from the stereotypes that sell us the few positive articles that are published outside of Cuba, few venture to discover the cultural heritage, religion and architecture of the island that could surprises us visiting incredible colonial museums (51 best museums in Havana, according to tripadvisor) or “trying” to dance a rumba to rhythm of the drums .

The contributions of Cuba to the protection of the historical-artistic heritage were highlighted in the Conference Cultural Tourism and Heritage in Cuba, challenges and perspectives at the  Caribe House, Santiago de Cuba.

The participants stressed the need to implement strategies to promote the participation of communities in the provision of authentic proposals, bearers of the popular and traditional roots, and away from the stereotyped images that are sometimes shown of Cuban culture.

Cultural tourism should be understood as a socially supportive, environmentally responsible and culturally enriching activity, as said the Doctor of Historical Sciences in Santiago de Cuba, while emphasizing its importance not only for the economic support of the people, but also for the safeguarding of their spiritual wealth .

Through Paradiso, a travel cultural agency that give access to the world of artistic creation, events and festivals, workshops and specialized courses developed by prestigious professors, specialists and prominent personalities you could see some of the wonders that show us a different trip to the island.

Some of the programs you can enjoy:

  • Dance as a cuban: Salsa, Son, Mambo, Guaracha and Cha-Cha-Cha are some of the rhythms and dances that flower and identify the largest island in the Caribbean.
  • Aché Cuba: Religious syncretism in Cuba has always been interest to people. Traditions, songs, parties, touches and others
  • Architecture, History and Tradition: This program aims to give the visitor a vision in time of the heritage values of Cuban architecture and urbanism, through its declared World Heritage cities and other places of interest.
  • Pure Art: Mystery and illusion, magic and charm, elegance and power, are some of the sensations that inevitably arouse the act of consuming a good Cuban habano, a major work of a centennial and traditional art of which Cuba is a world icon.

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