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The Cuban Millennials are fun, jokers and excellent dancers; they are also revolutionaries and dreamers.

By conviction, they are followers of the ideals of José Martí and now more than ever Fidelistas, even when their enemies do not find  sense for this feeling -because they do not live in the island and nevertheless pretend to give lessons from the distance of their thoughts-

The Cuban Millennials do not need to claim for their right to be educated because they have an universal and compulsory education from preschool to college, either for their right to be cared as human beans, because are guaranteed their right of access to an excellent and public health care since they are born.

The Cuban youth are inform , they fight their internal and external wars, no matter where they are unleashed, regardless of ideology or creed, under the principle of internationalism –that without fear has “proletarian” as a surname- because they break the frontiers of nationalism and give what little they have, not what they have left.

They are faithful readers of history, their own, prodigal in teaching and baptized by the patriotism of the “mambises”, but also they know about universal history, because it is the only way to understand this complicated and unequal world in which we live.

The big media that mis-inform-us about what happens on the island, unfortunately never go to interview these young people, they do not show us Cuba on the verge of collapse, -something that some have been waiting for more than 56 years-

The  Rebellious Youth  digital press from Cuba ,  took to the streets of Havana, to ask young Cubans who were expecting this year 2017.

What is your list of dreams and expectations for 2017 ? More studies, a better job, marriage, children, travel, open a blog, start a business … change the world?

The answers:


“Personally, I wish, a good health, then spiritual and material growth for my business. I would like my family to stay together, that the life smile us with great joy. I want for my country that we continue with our unity, and could reach the economically developed that we deserve. Regarding to the relations with the United States, I would like to see a better understanding between the two governments, i want to tell to the new American administration: please keep in mind that human beings were born together to achieve development, to preserve the environment, to take care of the land in general … I wish would be fewer wars, and more friendship, more prosperity for Cuba and all the world. ”

Jose Angel:

“Personally, to remain in good health, to be able to achieve all the beautiful things that I have in mind, and to go ahead … And regarding to professional goals, to finish my masters in Arts Education, one of the main perspectives that I have in 2017 »


“I have also set out to achieve an economic improvement, look for other work alternatives and improve my salary to help my family and my parents to improve living conditions. I hope to continue my relationship, and enjoy my youth with everything, responsibilities and fun.”


“I haven’t thought much about what I will do again this year. But as always, I want to keep my friends, give a lot of love to my family, especially my mother.”


“I want to meet new friends, new places, to grow professionally and as a person.”


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