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Every year Cuba presents its report to the UN General Assembly calling for the lifting of the unilateral Blockade imposed by the US on the island since 1961, which has caused losses of more than 39 million dollars to the health sector in Cuba.

The blockade directly affects Cuban children suffering from cancer:

  • The Cuban Health System runs 9 care hospitals for patients up to 18 years of age who have cancer, distributed in different regions, despite difficulties in procuring medicines and technology to care for children.
  • The health system buys antiemetics, the most common way to manage the nausea that produces chemotherapy and radiation therapy, twice what is marketed in the world.
  • Oncological teams, especially those used to offer anti-tumor therapy, are produced almost exclusively by US companies with which Cuban hospitals can not negotiate, this causes the expenses to multiply because they can not buy neither drugs nor radioactive products to This country, that is why Cuba has to resort to third parties.

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