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Areas included on January 16, in the Memorandum for cooperation in law enforcement signed by Vice-Admiral Julio César Gandarilla Bermejo, Interior Minister of the Republic of Cuba, and Ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis, Chargé d’Affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Havana and was attended by U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor Benjamin Rhodes, who is currently on an official visit to the island, as well as representatives of the Defense and National Security Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba.

  1. Prevention and combating of terrorist acts
  2. Drug trafficking
  3. Crimes committed through the use of information and communication technologies, and cyber security issues of mutual interest
  4. Trafficking in persons
  5. Migrant smuggling
  6. Flora and fauna trafficking
  7. Money laundering
  8. Falsification of identity and travel documents
  9. Contraband, including firearms, their parts, components, ammunition, explosives, cash and monetary instruments
  10. Other crimes under the jurisdiction of the two countries.