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Lisa Howard ” the earliest ground-breakers in U.S.-Cuban diplomacy was a pioneering journalist named Lisa Howard, the first woman host of a daily television news broadcast, who was also determined to play a role in restoring normal relations between the two countries.”


Lisa, was the first female anchor of a news broadcast called Purex Presents Lisa Howard and News with a Woman’s Touch. She traveled to Cuba in 1963 to make an ABC special on Cuban Leader Fidel Castro.During the interview President Fidel made it clear that Cuba was interested in improved relations with Washington. Lisa, was talking with Richard Helms, CIA Deputy Director who sent a  secret memorandum to President Kennedy and reported: “Lisa Howard definitely wants to impress the U.S. Government with two facts: Castro is ready to discuss rapprochement and she herself is ready to discuss it with him if asked to do so by the U.S. Government.” Howard used her  apartment for the first meeting between a U.S. and Cuban diplomat, and for phone communications between Castro and the Kennedy administration.