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This Friday Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States. The consensus among analysts, with few exceptions, is that during his administration “we will see terrible things”, as Immanuel Wallerstein asserts, referring to the first year of his administration.

It also says, and is rightly emphasized by the Panamanian specialist in American affairs, Marco Gandásegui, that the New York magnate is a “totally unpredictable” character. No American president can expect anything good. Not because they are evil, but because their status as bosses of the empire imposes certain decisions that in the solitude of their desk probably would not take. Jimmy Carter is an example of this; A good man, as Fidel remembered so many times. <span title=”Y Raúl más de una vez se encargó de decir que el bloqueo contra Cuba y la invasión de Bahía Cochinos comenzaron cuando Obama ni había nacido, y apenas contaba un año cuando se produjo la crisis de los misiles en Octubre de 1962.

“>And Raúl more than once was in charge of saying that the blockade against Cuba and the invasion of Bahia de Cochinos – Bay of Pigs-  began when Obama was not born, and scarcely a year after the crisis of the missiles occurred in October of 1962.

Where do I go with this reflection? To remark that it would not be at all strange that soon the inflammatory rhetoric of DT no longer have a concrete correlation in the most protean level of political, economic and military facts. Trump is what in American popular parlance is called “a mouthful.” That is why it will be necessary to see what it is that it manages to realize of its flamígeras –Flames– threats once it stops of vociferar –yell– from the plain and is inserted in the gigantic and complicated very administrative gears of the empire. There is no doubt that the character is a skilled demagogue, who masterfully shakes up a reactionary, racist, homophobic, warlike, transgressor and “politically incorrect” discourse by his own design. But his irresistible promotion is not only an effect of his ability as a publicist and the effectiveness of his demagogic interpellation -inquiry-. It is a symptom of two fundamental processes that are undermining the primacy of the United States in the international system: one, the rupture in the political-programmatic unity of the American “imperial bourgeoisie”, divided for the first time in more than half a century around What should be the most appropriate strategy to safeguard American primacy. Two, the devastating effects of neo-liberal policies with their aftermath of social exclusion, economic exploitation and political illiteracy induced by the dominant elites and which threw large sections of the population in the arms of a political outsider like Trump that in times happier for the <span title=”imperio hubiera sido barrido de la escena pública en las primarias de New Hampshire.

“>Empire would have been swept from the public scene in the New Hampshire primary.

Trump said, and did, before entering the White House, terrible things: from accusing Mexicans (and by extension to all “Latinos”) of being serial rapists, drug traffickers and assassins until publicly declaring, to the horror of the Germans , Which was “German-phobic”. Or of provoking the Chinese dragon by telephoning the President of Taiwan, prompting an unusually hard protest from Beijing; Tell the Europeans that NATO is an outdated organization and that the Brexit was a good decision. But as the most incisive analysts of American political life claim, below the presidential figure (or, as you see it, above it) is what Peter Dale Scott called the “deep state”: the framework of federal agencies , Congressional commissions, multi million-dollar lobbies that for years and years have financed politicians, judges and journalists, the military-industrial-financial complex, the sixteen agencies that make up the “intelligence community,” establishment tanks and the different branches Of the armed forces, all of which will have to carry out – or “sell” politically or diplomatically – the Trump brawlers. But those actors, whom nobody chooses and who are accountable, have a long-term agenda that only partially agrees with that of the presidents. It happened with Kennedy, then with Carter and Obama, and it will surely happen again now. Two examples: Pentagon chief James “Rabid Dog” Mattis can live up to his nickname but is hardly an idiot and for good reasons – from the point of view of the security of the empire – he wants nothing to do with weakening NATO. <span title=”Y va a ser difícil que Stephen Mnuchin, el Secretario del Tesoro designado, un hombre surgido de las entrañas de Goldman Sachs, vaya a presidir una cruzada proteccionista y auspiciar el “populismo económico” contra el cual combatió sin resuello durante décadas desde Wall Street.

“>And it will be difficult for Stephen Mnuchin, the appointed Treasury Secretary, a man born of Goldman Sachs, to preside over a protectionist crusade and to champion the “economic populism” he fought for decades out of Wall Street.

Does this mean that we should be careful about Trump’s verbal outbursts? No way. It will be necessary, more than ever, to be alert to any outrage that seeks to do in Our America. No doubt continue with the age