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The “child” did not appear. He called a hundred times to his cell phone, and nothing.

He knocked on the door of his companions and nothing.

The grandmother knew nothing, the father either.

He spent a whole day with his hours.Then another and another.

She could not sleep and just stood near the door, just in case.

At age 17, Fabian, went out some nights and almost always come back at the sunrise.

Some people was trying to comfort her; “Surely he is with a girl out there”; But mothers have a Sixth Sense, they have an alarm that goes on when a child is in danger and a ruthless voice shouted her that his “child” was having a bad time.

She felt exhausted.

Some people say that he fainted constantly.

When the rumor began to run through the neighborhood, he wanted to cover his ears, but it was too late, everyone knew.

His “boy” had been on the high seas for almost a week.

He had joined a suicide expedition attempting to cross the Florida Straits in a hand made boat.

Where the worst 8 days of her live. It was a hell from December 27 to January 4, when a man he had never seen took his beloved son to the door of the house.

Then he learned that Fabian spent weeks building a boat with his cronies, because on the other side of the sea they had announced paradise; That after two daysthe engine stopped working and were two more days (almost an eternity) floating in the sea.

He knew that his son barely got up, that he vomited in the sea, and that an inexperienced man by his side was inyected him dextrose in their veins, until the United States Coast Guard found them, almost dead.

He heard every word; The details lacerated her; She wanted to kill him for making her suffer this way, but when she saw him again at his house, she held him with what little strength she had left.

For the moment she felt relieved, although she knew that the “child would try again at the first opportunity. From that day on, he would not go back to sleep, he thought.

But on January 12, 2017, a neighbor shouted from the adjoining patio: “Put on the television, they are giving news!” He could not believe it, the Obama administration had put an end to the irrational policy of “dry feet – wet feet,” which caused so many deaths in the attempt to touch American soil, and the US and Cuban governments had signed a new Immigration Agreement

She did not understand much, could not follow the announcer of the news that where reading so fast.

When on the news the subject was change, she rose from the chair and returned to the kitchen , she had too many words in his head and a colossal relief in the soul.