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  • US Programs to destabilize the revolutionary process in Cuba /  The World Learning To Cuba (Part I)

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  • The University of Havana has 13 exchange programs with American students, so that means that hundreds of them are now spending their semester of studies in Cuba
  • The island are dealing with more than 100 countries around the world and signed a little more than two thousand agreements with different universities and government institutions to improve the Cuban educational system and to guarantee the overcoming of their students and cloisters
  • US Gov. has always opposed the academic exchange with Cuba. in the reverse exchange, ex. in 2016 only an US scholarship came to Cuba
  • The Consortium for Advanced Study Abroad (CASA), chaired by Brown University and with the participation of Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, the University of Pennsylvania and Vanderbilt, has now as permanent headquarters the Gallery Haydee Santamaria, of the House of the Americas, a cultural institution in the capital’s neighborhood of El Vedado. But: Are Focus on the mobility of university students towards Cuba. The mobility of Cuban students to the United States is currently not allowed but could change, we could consider it * said Herald Kendall Brostuen, director of the Office of International Programs at Brown and director of the board of CASA

Forced appointments:

“formerly known as the Delphi International Group.” The claim is that, “It’s nothing more than a propaganda machine for the CIA and is used so that the Federal government can achieve its general political objectives on foreign soil.” One example of this political implication, emphasized on the site, played out during the decades of the 1980s when the U. S. government used the Delphi International Group for “promoting democracy” in Nicaragua.

  • The nature of the intervention of the US secret services in Venezuela / 

Philip Agee, a former CIA agent, revealed how teachers for World Learning, really USAID, NED, and the CIA itself, participated in subversive schemes against Bolivarian Venezuela.

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Although President Barack Obama had stated that his government had no intention of subverting domestic order in Cuba, the US public budget had allocated about $ 30 million to fund subversive projects against the island through agencies like USAID and The NED.

This is how the World Learning scholarships were presented in a subtle and superimposed way aimed at Cuban youth but hiding their true nature of forging agents of change on the Island.

WL a non-governmental organization with two central offices in Washington and in Vermont. It also has representation in 60 other countries. The objective of this organization is to train young people in different areas that can “be useful” to their society. But the real side of the coin is the one that seeks to attract young people and work with them from the ideological point of view, to build leadership.
Despite not having any representation in Cuba since 2015 World Learning have offer a series of scholarships, called Summer Program, in which they attract young people , to build “fictional leadership”, age range between 16 and 18 years old when the psycho-social formation of the individual represent a greater possibility of influencing through that soft-hit policy that is executed against Cuba and others countries.

The so-called thinking tanks behind the project: Lisa Postner, who figures as vice president of educational exchange and training in charge of overseeing millions of budget dollars, as well as designing and implementing more than 30 training and exchange programs + Carol Hensking, current president of World Learning oversees about 60 programs in 24 countries and under her leadership the profits of this NGO have increased by 14%.
The US embassy in Cuba itself is the spokesperson for these programs, meanwhile our government prevents other NGO like Pastors for Peace which is really a people-to-people policy.

But, subversion has been one of the elements that has characterized American policies towards Cuba, which has stimulated the identification of individuals who from the inside can promote counter-revolution.

On the other hand these courses are developed ignoring all the Cuban institutions

The testimony

From a former student of the first call for the World Learning scholarships, who gave details of the entire application process and his stay in the United States as part of the program:

“At the time that he decided to apply, he was the president of the Federation of middle school students says that what most caught his attention was the fact of being able to travel to the United States as part of a group of 34 young Cubans And live different experiences.”

“When I arrived at US, to the Virginia State, was a curious fact, that among the rules was the lack of access to new information and communication technologies during the stay. We could not upload photographs or videos of any of the activities we carried out in the program, under the pretext of safeguarding our security and avoiding repression once in Cuba.”

The scholarship program then moved them to Charlottesville, to the University of Virginia, where they received classes, English classes, leadership skills training such as oratory, networking, and the need for a leader to interconnect with others and identify with the aspirations of his group, also explained that they had received lectures on the functioning of the American political system, as well as on the trends in the elections that were just starting.

After this stay in Virginia, that first group of 34 were distributed to cities in: Kansas City, Oregon, Missouri, Portland, and Seattle, Washington.
“We were inserted in the house of a host family, which made it possible for us to know the way of life of the average American and we could appreciate a very great ignorance of the Cuban reality, accompanied by an expectation of being able to come to our country and know the true story “
At the end the students were able to implement a community project that they had to exhibit the last day in Washington DC, in the headquarters of World Learning, with the company of officials of the Department of State And directors of the World Learning.
The students received a certificate signed by the rector of the University of Virginia and Larry J. Sabato, the director of the University of Virginia, a center dedicated to leadership training in American way and thought.

The Cuban Gov. and the press of that country have been condemning the application of the program that openly obviates the institutionalism and uses secrecy for obvious reasons

Subversion & Secrecy

WL used emissaries from third countries, Panamanians were sent to Cuba with tourist visas with the mission to transfer the young people to Panama and later to America. They received $ 100 us for each day in Cuba serving as guides. They should wait for the students at the airport without attracting attention, dividing them into groups of four or five students.
During the Cuba and US negotiations in 2014 for the reestablishment of Embassies, Cuba reject openly the American intention to subvert the normal order in the island, nevertheless, American Gov. announced a $ 11 million outsourced continue defending the programs for the promotion of the “democracy”

US are looking for the young people to become that wedge of transition on Cuba while Cuba is looking for a way to foster normalization of relations without double positions, nor misleading manipulations.
All people with at least a bit of common sense should be in favor of scientific, cultural, economic and academic exchange between the two countries, but based on mutual respect, a consensual vision without violating the sovereignty and institutionalism .

Cuba has the right to denounce the overlapping, interfering and hidden ways that have facilitated 60 scholarships under the table instead of the regular, open and legal ways for which the island has expressly be willing to negotiate.

To be continued …

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