Imported Text – Write by Eduardo Rothe -Venezuelan professor and journalist

The Great Northern Republic finally emerges from the sinister 20th Century, and is part of the great revolution of the millennium that awakens in Europe and already walks through Latin America.

Trump marks the beginning of a time that will go beyond the populism of his inaugural speech: “January 20, 2017 will be remembered as the day when the people returned to rule in this nation” because “It is not the transition of Power from one president to another, from one party to another … but from Washington DC to the people” “because” What really matters is not which party controls the government, but whether the people control the government or not. “

He will have the time  to repent of their words.

If Trump is going to be Hitler or Franklin Delano Roosevelt, it does not depend on him but on the tiger that he is going to ride; and his cabinet of Dr. Caligari shows that he is discovering what Charles De Gaulle said: “Power is impotence.”

To understand how we came to this, we must know that neoliberalism and globalization affected not only Third World countries, but also developed countries and, in a more serious and transcendent way, the United States, which, ironically and because they were the ones who most had to lose, they ended up being the great victim of the evil that they baptized like “Project of the New American Century” (PNAC), for the supreme, military and economic domination of the Earth, the Space and cyberspace by  United States, and its intervention in the world problems (Pax Americana), that is to say, the defense of the interests of the North American companies. But the large globalized corporations had ceased to be properly American, and their interests had little to do with the national interests of the United States and less with those of its people.

For a quarter of a century, the general increase in costs has brought down the trend of the average profit rate of firms in the capitalist world (except privileged sectors such as the famous “military industrial complex” or communications technology) and made To migrate large capital into financial speculation. There was less liquid and more bubbles, where it was harder to float, resulting in lower standards of living and deteriorating infrastructure in the United States.

The American people, dominated by the written press that tells minorities how to think and on television that prevents majorities from doing so, has lived more than any in the media version of itself, dominated by an idea of the world that is , Therefore, a world at the mercy of an idea. And that idea became, imperceptibly at first, in the nascent new “American Revolution”, which began to take shape on the right in 2009 in the nonconformity and protests against taxes, bank bailout and domestic public spending and

With the manifestations of the Tea Party in response to the Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, signed on October 3 of the same year by then-President George W. Bush, and the fiscal stimulus package, the Reinvestment Act and US Recovery 2009, signed February 17 by President Barack Obama. And on the left, in 2011, with the protests and struggles of the Occupy Wall Street movement against the 1% of the population that controls all power and wealth. ‘Occupy Wall Street’ lasted three years and came to paralyze West Coast ports. “Is there anyone who really does not know what the fundamental message of this protest is?” Wall Street is oozing corruption and criminality and its uncontrolled political power in the form of friends’ capitalism and appropriation of Political institutions, is destroying the financial security of all others. “

Significantly, the original organizers of ‘Occupy Wall Street’ claimed heirs to the occupational movement of the French May, the 69 Italian and the Portuguese Revolution of 74, which marked in Europe the reappearance of the proletariat in history.
The poverty and abandonment of Americans, which affects even the soldiers fighting the Empire’s distant wars, put the veterans to march with Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party. Few sectors of society were left out of the tide. The partisan expression of this great disagreement was, on the left, the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, and on the right the Republican candidacy of Donald Trump, and, of course, the defeat of the infamous and already useless Hillary Clinton. Sanders and Trump, originally independent, represents beyond parties, two sides of the same coin: the political response to the great discontent of the common American. And the American revolution has already caused the first casualties: once the “prestigious” large print media, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Angeles Times, etc., and the CNN television station, now accused and convicted of lying in its Own land.

From this overview, attendance at the inauguration of Trump was not as slight as they are pleased to show the aerial photos exhibited by their opponents: we must include more than one million women who protested, 500 thousand in Los Angeles , 200,000 in Washington DC, and in almost every city in the country, riots, detainees, etc. Whether for or against, for the American people the arrival of Trump marks the return of the social question and the class struggle, which does not always appear as one had imagined it: deep North America tells us, with language or flag That you choose, that you can not and do not want to follow as before.
There are those who see the prelude to the dictatorship and a civil war in the two camps of angry Americans in a country armed to the teeth, which is no less a justifiable fear from the Patriot Act. But it is more likely that the people of the United States, practical as none, will find a way to decant their secondary differences and reformulate their political context in a constituent democratizing process. The quiet days of Washington’s political class, parasitic and maintained by lobbyists, have come to an end. The great social river will not run upward, and Trump’s rise brings us closer to the moment when, for the United States, it will no longer be possible to return to the past.