Counter-Cuban-Revolution Campaigns have always more media impact on the networks and the press than the truth behinds them. The origin it is clear, is manufactured from the outside to intended to oversize an “opposition” that is clearly insignificant and isolated from the current Cuban reality.

The well-paid mercenaries (expect our second article on the subversive war against the island ) do not claim inalienable rights for Cubans, but access to the WI-FI as a basic need (even when Cuba is immersed in a franc process of transformation  of its society in despite of the Us Blockade) they treated ignoring that 4.5 billion people, which means that two-thirds of the world’s population don’t have access to the world’s largest source of information and data or which its more important and heartrending MORE than 900 MILLIONS peoples in the world live without access  to drinking water.

Sincerely, we find it so absurd to hear someone call an international campaign with the name of the non-inspire and insipid phrase “I love WI-FI”, when in our country we are still struggle for women’s rights, indigenous minorities, displaced & immigrants …..