Fairy Tales About NGOs & Subversions (Part II)

Post by @CubanWindow
WIF:    Arthur González – Site: Martianos

In October 2016, the Cuban site Cubadebate presented an article in which it revealed that the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) finances a set of projects for subversion against Cuba including the support of the Cubanet and Diario de Cuba social networking sites , both stimulate in their profile the anti-Cuban policy developed by the US in its purpose of discrediting the Cuban revolution.


The Cubanet site responded at that time that it is in fact sponsored financially by the NED, but that the Foundation has never influenced its editorial policy.

Arthur Gonzalez asked: Do the Cubanet think that in this world everyone is stupid and misguided to believe that the United States shares its money without demanding anything in return?

The NED was created based on the recommendations made by the Political Foundation of America to implement the foreign policy drawn by US for Latin America, supports its legality in the Law of the United States Congress approved on November 18, 1983, with an initial budget of $ 31.3 million and is inserted into the Department of State Budget Law.

“To assist in the development of democratic institutions, procedures and values in other countries through the financial support of projects aimed at expanding economic and political freedom therein.” NED’s main objective when it began its work as an NGO in 1984

It was designed to give continuity to the secret actions of the CIA, specifically to Operations of Political Action, an element declared publicly in 1991 by Allen Weinstein, historian and first president of the NED, asserting: “Much of what we do today In the NED, the CIA had done it covertly 25 years ago. “

Cubanet lies in saying that his goal is to “do journalism” and not subversion when he receives benefits from an organization that has met at some time on his Administrative Council or at his address to such sad characters as Otto Reich, John Negroponte, Henry Cisneros or Elliott Abrams.

According to information published by Erick T. Hale in “A quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the National Endowment for Democracy, 1990-1999”, Cuba appears as the fifth global recipient of NED grants, with a total of 81, and Nicaragua In tenth place with 63 grants.

Cuba is a priority for the subversive actions financed by the NED, funds the counterrevolutionaries within the island and subsidizes some organizations of the same profile abroad, such as the Cuban American National Foundation  with more than half a million dollars for Campaigns against Cuba, in Europe and Latin America.

By 2006, Venezuela and Cuba were at the top of the list of Latin American countries to which the NED allocated more financial and logistical resources; Also recognize the existence of 13 programs against Cuba, aimed at promoting “respect for human rights”, “freedoms” of “ethnic minorities”, “support for counterrevolutionary prisoners” and “breaking” Informative “, to which they say the Cuban population is subjected.

Quoting once again Jose Marti, who masterfully wrote about what we can least imagine and right with every word that does not age over the years:

“Only those who know about journalism and the cost of disinterest can really appreciate the energy, tenacity, sacrifices, prudence, the force of character that reveals the appearance of an honest and free journal.”