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February 2017


Posted in Youtube on 19 Jul. 2015 – Video by Yadniel Padrón, awarded with the Third Place in the Contest Now, summoned by the cuban program La pupila asombrada.



The Neurological Restoration Center -the only one of its kind in the world -is located in Cuba

The CIREN turn in 28th years (feb. 26 of 1989 by Fidel Castro Ruz) it is the only one of its kind in the world and is located in Cuba !!!

Is an advanced scientific-medical institution with an area and basic research programs that bring new knowledge and introduce and develop technologies in the field of neurosciences; and an area of assistance whose two original therapeutic programs: Neurological Restoration and General Biological Restoration, have served with novel approaches and recognized success to thousands of patients from dozens of countries of all continents.

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Cuba is looking for new Oilfields


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Cuba Oil Co. and the Chinese company BGP signed a contract last November for the execution of a non-exclusive 2D seismic campaign that marked the beginning of a project that is part of the development program of the oil industry in Cuba and includes the

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(Update) XIX Habano Festival. Cuba The Best Place for the Best Cigar Tasting

1492 saw 4 1st time rolled & burnt the leaves which they called

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WIF Official Site Habanos S.A

Today was inaugurated the Trade Fair of the XIX International Festival of Habano at the Convention Palace in Havana with one of the biggest participation that has had the traditional appointment, consolidated as an ideal space for the exchange between businessmen, producers and suppliers.

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TERAVAC- AIDS + Facts about Cuba Health System


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WIF: Infomed Cuba + ECURED Cuba + Cubahora

Cuba is in the clinical trial stage of the therapeutic vaccine TERAVAC-HIV aimed at reducing the viral load of patients with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

The vaccine was developed by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) in Havana, and that has an impact on the quality of life of the patients, it was demonstrated that the immune response of the organism is enhanced.

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Press Conference: Delegation of Congressmen and Senators of US in Cuba

Via Twitter @CubanWidow

(D)Leahy (R) Cochran (D)Udall & Bennett (D) McGovern & Moulton in the Capitol Building


(D) Leahy

👉 4 the future generations in favor of better relations between &

👉 the & prohibition of from traveling 2 will be lifted, there is no doubt

(D) McGovern

👉  the desire to consolidate ties with has a character in the

👉  most difficult to allow discussion of projects related to the neighboring nation

A lesson on sovereignty and right to self-determination

Neither people nor men respect those who.jpg

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Cuba yes and yes, because:

  • it has rise its voice to denounce those who wish to see it annexed
  • it has never hesitated to confront this imposing empire
  • when it gives us the information in the media, it does not in a hurry to gain affections
  • every day give us a lesson on sovereignty and right to self-determination

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“Cubans don’t spend the nights dancing around a bonfire, we R not a closed society” David Vasquez, Webdesign @CachivacheMedia

Faces of Change: Havana, Cuba (Via Youtube / engagecuba) +

They have brought Cuba to us in a bag

“Esencia: La Colmenita en USA” A 2012 documentary produced by Roberto Chile , the tour of the Cuban children’s theater company “La Colmenita” through some cities in the United States. It is an audiovisual that does not age, despite having been recorded 5 years ago. With their characteristic mixture of ingenuity-wisdom the children’s assured that they have brought Cuba to us in a bag.

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