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The SME or Self-employment “Trabajador por Cuenta Propia – TCP” (work unrelated to the state sector) was introduced in Cuba in the 90s. The legislation that support it was modified in 2010, 2011 and 2013.

According to the Cubans self-employment in the island faces a few challenges (high taxes, financing, obstacles that sometimes impede moving forward without breaking the law) without denying that it has improved the lives of many Cubans by diversifying offers and opening the doors to the entrepreneurship and genius of the Cuban but mainly because it offers greater income in comparison with those citizens who receive a fixed salary in the work related to the state (SME declared Gross income for five thousand 100 million CUP in 2016)

Institutions such as the Center for the Study of the Cuban Economy point out that the regulations basically stimulate the micro-business, with a low technological profile and intensive use of labor, with the absence of a close link with state enterprises.

Surveys carried out in this regard to indicate that among the elements that drive individual entrepreneurship are the economic need, public policies and market perspectives that open with the transformations of the Cuban model and foreign investment, as well as some financial and cultural aspects.

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