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Mixing creation and application, which are, according to José Martí, the hidden seed of the well-being of a country, have been achieved by students and professors of the University of Havana, with the Project InCuba.UHHU, developed jointly with the Humboldt University, Berlin. The initiative, born last year, aims to encourage innovation and creation in order to develop new businesses, as well as identify potential partners, investors and entrepreneurs.

InCuba.UHHU based in the Faculty of Economics is the first company incubator currently in the country with the mission of promoting the development of new scientific projects that materialize promising The business in Cuba, and strengthen the links between German companies and the island.

the approved works gain benefices:  the creation of a work space to promote creativity, free access to the internet, various workshops and conferences given by national and foreign specialists, a wide network of contacts to promote and strengthen projects as well as initial funding, to make the project possible.

The admission requirement for all teams: demonstrate viable ideas in an innovative way, it is imperative to present a solution without using many resources, and for this they must be creative.

The incubators are a worldwide trend that the country should begin to adjust to their practices. As an experiment, it has the value of creating and fostering an innovative mentality in the university scientific community and serving as an interface between that knowledge and the Cuban productive sector, whose competitive advantage is precisely knowledge.

InCuba is a project of social innovation, unprecedented in the Cuban university, where multiple variables have been combined: scientific potential, institutional support, international cooperation, networks Of experts, commitment and motivation of the actors involved.

There are already several proposals submitted by students, teachers and mixed teams, with the potential to become services or products that generate income.

First round of approval:

  • Photovoltaic App capable of providing typical services of engineering, specification and assembly of photovoltaic systems.
  • Images, a software that allows the detection of uterine cervical cancer, Digital FAB LAM IMREUH, which establishes a public and institutional service for the construction of prototypes, single pieces and small series, which are necessary in development centers ff teams, researchers, industrial designers, architects and innovators, in general.
  • METRO App for public users to know how to get from one point to another of the city using urban routes optimally. It also studies other possibilities that will promote the location of a set of public services from hospitals to theaters, including Wi-Fi points.

Each project are disclosed in the Demo Day, a space where InCuba teams present their innovative ideas and business models that will enable them to materialize them.

  • AgroPro, as an alternative of commercialization to guarantee the variety and supply of products in the market
  • NatZEng, in charge of providing consultations on the use of the natural zeolite for industrial purposes.
  • Auto Exam, a tool for automating the design, examination, qualification and analysis of surveys, exams and voting
  • Consultur, which provides a consultancy service on tourism in Cuba, through data collection, processing and analysis. Both these new and previous projects belong to institutions such as the Faculty of Mathematics and Computing and the Institute of Materials and Reagents.

The Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Cuba, hotels such as Melia Habana and the Ministry of Public Health are ready to implement some of these projects.

Cuba demands a university imbued and committed to the manifest purpose of making the island a prosperous and sustainable society, an intention included in the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution and in the National Economic and Social Development Plan until 2030: Proposal of Vision of the Nation, Axes and Strategic Sectors. Perhaps this is why there are many expectations with InCuba.UHHU.

Among them he is adding other faculties and universities to the proposals, growing in partners to market the products, and above all to continue to open the way for scientific theses and research to have the opportunity to develop, since universities are Engines of the country’s economy. “If you have an idea or a solution to a real problem but you do not know how to put it into practice, do not hesitate to count on the InCuba.UHHU project.”