Hello inkbiotik, first and foremost, we thank you 4 visiting us every day, u r a faithful reader and your likes … likes us !!!!!!! We also visit you very often, we hope you’r  noticed. We have delayed in answering your questions, but we have paid the debt, here are our answers…….

A Happy afternoon and an excellent weekend !!!!

If you are a blogger, how would you describe what you write about? Are there specific themes you stick to or a style you use? (feel free to add a link)

Our name says almost everything…. so mainly we are lovers of Cuba, its people, its history, essentially because we have had a bandage over our eyes for many years in relation to what has happened on the island. We have not forgiven them for being different, so if we can help others learn to love it, with a little of what we post every day … we are happier!!!

Do you write driven by inspiration or do you struggle to find things to say?

A pinch of both

Which kinds of posts do you most like writing? Do other people like reading them?

What we want, what we care about, what we want others to know. We are passionate about reading articles written by others

What wouldn’t you ever write about? Why?

Love when you say: I don’t want to slag anyone off (although sometimes the temptation is there). So not to repeat your sentence we just added: Of what we do not understand  … What….R U kidding???

What’s your favourite post that you’ve written? (again, add a link if you like) What did you like about it?

It’s more like a translation, but in the image of that mother you can see the pain of all Cuba, her suffering for more than 56 years of hard and brutal blockade.

Did other people ‘get’ it?

We Hope So !!!!

What’s your favorite post that someone else has written? What about it caught your attention?

It’s most a quotation by Silvio Rodriguez, composer and Cuban singer, complex, controversial, he could dedicate the most harsh verses to his homeland and return to what is written to love her. We leave U the link of his blog, it’s worth it (all in Spanish, so you will need a good translator)

Do you keep a blog because you want it to lead somewhere? Or do you just like writing?

Please, return to the first answer to continue with the current …..

What sort of blogs do you most like to read? Personal? Stories? Factual? Pictures?

All of those & more…..

What kind of posts put you off reading?

Trivial, without passion, those who seek to have followers even if he doesn’t believe half a piece of what writes + Extremely long, rude, offensive …

Is there anything else about a blog that puts you off (eg fonts, popups)?

Does not bother us, as long as it does not compete with the previous answer + If they are not very complicated …. we make an effort

When do you write and read blogs? From work? On the toilet? Inside a volcano?

A volcano is attractive enough … so YESSSS, we wrote from a volcano … many don’t understand why we write about a country demonized by the social media, so every day we are expecting an eruption… we are no kidding !!!

How do you find other blogs to read (or do you not)?

From everywhere….