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Rep. Aundre Bumgardner (R) – Newly Elected Rep for Connecticut’s 41st District

At 20-years-old, Aundre knocked on over 5,000 doors to earn a spot on the ballot in his largely Democratic district two years ago. “I don’t meet the litmus test for your conventional Republican, whether by my race or my age,” Bugardner said in a Huffington Post article in 2015. “But since my district is historically blue, I can’t be a partisan zealot or create more problems in the statehouse than I solve. Because of that, Democrats so far have welcomed me with open arms.” Fast forward to today, he proudly serves as his state representative with his main focuses being lowering taxes and improving Connecticut’s education system.

Rep. Ian C. Calderon – Youngest Majority Leader in California History

The current Majority Leader in the California State Assembly, and he’s the youngest Majority Leader in California history. Hailing from Whittier, CA, Calderon was elected in 2012 after just celebrating his 27th birthday. At the time, he was the youngest State Legislator in California. Before being elected to the State Assembly, Ian worked both in the private and public sectors. After graduating from college, Ian went to work for the apparel company Hurley International. There, he was the retail marketing manager for the LA/Inland Empire territory. After working for Hurley, he left the private sector to work for the California State Assembly as a Legislative Field Deputy. While in office, he’s authored and championed bills that protect homeless veterans, require more frequent inspection of elderly care facilities, and mandated an increase in arts education funding. Calderon appears to be another rising star in the Democratic party, so be sure to follow him on social media and keep your eyes and ears open for him.

Solomon Goldstein-Rose became the State Representative for Massachusetts’ 3rd District.

His policies range from combating Climate Change and reimagining our tax code to treating opioid addiction and fighting for equal rights regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Watch his performance in the debate on his website and you won’t be disappointed.

Josh Thompson – Candidate for Mayor of NYC

Recently announced his intent to run for Mayor of New York City. A 30-year old native of New Jersey, he’s spent his career as an educator, advocate, and public servant.

He’s overcome some pretty incredible challenges in his life and it’s likely that he’ll have a tough race against the sitting Mayor, Bill de Blasio, a darling Progressive Left. We at MPM certainly admire Josh’s ambition and wish him the best of luck.