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We invite you to surf during 5 minutes for any news distributor or social network .

Of course it is something that you should have done many times, but we found it interesting to suggest it as a collective experiment (please activate the timing of your cell, your smartwatch or your hourglass)

The news are crushed, repeated from one place to another (although the ornaments are subtly added to capture our attention) and the adjective “viral” ensures the lucky ones get a privileged position even if the content in KB is unreliable or insipid

We confess, that sometimes, in the midst of this informative collective madness, we are tempted and RT one or another hashtag towards regret us it later

So in the absence of a list of unsatisfied wishes for this 2017 we intend to protect ourselves from the information madness with all the lucidity that escort us.

How about you ??????