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Cuban population are aging and no many couples have plans to have kids. The need at least 2 children per family to ensure adequate population replacement.

So they are  extending maternity protection and benefits to encourage:

  •  a greater birth rate
  • women’s incorporation and reincorporation into the workplace
  • the participation of other relatives in the care of minors.

The measures adopted by law (improving oldest)

  • if a mother returns to work – once she has completed her pre and postnatal maternity leave, and before the child is a year old – she can simultaneously receive the maternity benefit to which she is entitled and her normal salary.
  • grandparents are  to take charge of the care of the child until the age of one and receive the corresponding social security benefit of 60% of their average monthly salary over the past 12 months – a benefit previously only extended to fathers.
  • these monthly benefit payments can not be lower than the country’s established minimum wage.
  • if “the working mother receives two salaries for having more than one job, either in the same or a different workplace, she is entitled to receive the economic and social benefit provided in each of the employment contracts, in proportion to the real time worked.”
  • the new payment system for services in children’s daycare centers and half-board schools for mothers with two or more children.
  • for mothers with two children, the rate for both will be reduced by 50%, and in the case of more than two infants, the third and any further children will not be subject to payment for these services.
  • mothers who give birth to twins or more infants will be completely exempt from payment.
  • Working mothers in the non-state sector will have additional benefits
  • a discount was approved – according to the established procedures – of 50% in the payment of monthly Personal Income Tax quotas for self-employed women who have two or more children under 17 years of age.
  • a discount will be granted in the payment of taxes by self-employed persons who carry out the activities of “Child care assistant” and “Caregiver for the sick, disabled and elderly,” included in the Simplified Taxation Regime. This consists of a reduction of 50% in their monthly minimum payments, in accordance with the guidelines established in the corresponding resolution.