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“Each generation has its own characteristics, due to the time they had to live, is what is known as generational conflicts ” A youtuber comment on The truth about Millennials

No one is going to thank us for embarking on this historic-necessary-generational war.

It is not the time to hold the flag raised by this or that group to claim individual rights or truths, pointing out the differences, achievements and failures.

We are covered by the same roof so pierced that we soaked equally.

The future summons us and is something we can only achieve together, keeping the stones for those who deserve them.

Stones and Glasses

Chapter I

An interview offered by the British @simonsinek about the millennial walks around the net : Unhappy + With low self-esteem + Impatient + Surrounded by + superficial friendships + Hard to handle + Cocky

Sinek blames: Parents + social networks and cell phones technology + little patience + extreme competition in their environment. “We have age restrictions on smoking, alcohol or gambling, but we have no age restrictions on social networking and cell phone use” The corporate system, which he considers dehumanized. Argues that millennials reach a labor market that “values the short-term gains more than the long-term life of the young person.” + And the total lack of good leadership today

Chapter II

An Open Letter From A Millennial To Society: Stop Blaming Us For Everything by @Aaron_Kaufman Read the Full Post in Here

For quite some time now, we’ve absorbed a steady stream of insults from all you fear-mongers who alert the world to ready itself for the collapse of society that’s sure to unfold once we assume the reins.

Every generation has taken to the practice of admonishing the generation that follows, but you’ve made it a venerable art.

In many ways, it’s a rite of passage. Remuneration for the aspersions you had to endure from your parents and grandparents. Now you’ve reached an age where it’s your turn to throw some stones. But where past generations threw pebbles, you throw boulders. 


Rather, we lament the fact that we are forced to enter into the sluggish economy that you Baby Boomers created. An economy that fails to offer the same opportunities and avenues to success that you so relished when you were coming of age.



That selfish act might merit another. When we’re in control of the economy, don’t be surprised if we favor leaving you Boomers high and dry while throwing all the blame your way, just as you did us.