Love makes you get fat !!!

ALEPH @alamesacuba
Crispy and fragrant, spicy and sweet: love, served in the deep and broad dish – or in the thimble, if necessary – of joy, is a gift that transmutes existence.

Tones the muscles; Fortifies the bones; Softens the lines of fate written on the palms of the hands, the corners of the lips and the corner of the eye, and if consumed in excess, threatens to add a coarse belly to the happy landscape of our geography.

If in doubt, ask the tender – and plump – infantile Cupid, more details on the posology and side effects of the arrows he manages under such relaxed criteria. Or, closer and no less mythical, consult our messenger with a cap of chef and Filipina tight (well tight) who with a clack of fabric extends this, edition 292 of the AlaMesa newsletter with offers, information and suggestions concerning the almost 1000 Cuban restaurants included in our Directory.

If you feel nervous in his gesture and an accomplice smile is part of his response, follow the thread of the involuntary glances that made over your shoulder and you will see. Or as the French say: cherchez la femme (looking for the woman), a proverb that, judging by the radiant aspect of the lady in question, our messenger has extended to find her and to invite her to his kitchen. Example to follow!

So go on the offense, jump off the plate, remember that we together and adding happy grams under the skin of our adventure we have … everything covered.


Angel’s Cafe Old Havana Menu 4 Valentine’s Day x 25 CUC ( Approximately 28 usd)

A glass of wine and a national liquid included.

Starters to choose from: Salad of cheese and cold cuts with fruits of the forest or Salad “sailor” with vinaigrette of the house.

Main to choose: Pork steak with mushroom sauce and blue cheese or Crispy fish loin with hollandaise sauce.

Garnishes to choose from: vegetables Strudels or Tabulé.

Desserts to choose from: Leonesa with ice cream and almond granola or Valentine’s mousse topped with oreo biscuit.

Coffee express.