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In Cuba at the moment the development of sales of applications is still very young but they have the potential to develop and to be exploited in Cuba and outside its borders. Some of these applications allow the user to have all the basic information of an SMS without having to connect to the Internet. They just need more diffusion

The apps would be inserted in La Mochila / The Backpack, information that is updated every week and distributed through the Young Club.A cultural product that gathers audiovisuals, multimedia, applications, books, music, movies, courses, video games, dolls among many other offers with a more cultural concept, which does not reward banal contents, but contributes to the knowledge.

A survey showed that the limited promotion means that many users are unaware of the nascent market for these softwares on the Island. The channels created institutionally for promotion are being underutilized, not only by the loss of the self-employed market but also by the state, which fails Reach the public.

On the other hand To develop in IOS it is necessary to have a computer Apple brand and another series of tools, not the same with Android that has more facilities, to this is added the United States blockade that prevents Cubans from downloading the applications corresponding to this operating system, only available in the store of Apple products, blocked for Cuba by United States Blockade.

Some Apps

Conoce Cuba (Know Cuba) Lodging, gastronomy, real estate, services, education, culture and many other links / App Download in HERE

Addicts to iPhone Began as a web page on news of the Apple devices and happened to be a repair shop of cellular that, in addition, develops its own mobile applications. First it was done to cover the needs of the workshop; But today they work to make life easier for people using IOS devices, because this operating system is a little behind in Cuba with respect to Android. / App La Chopi: Buying and selling offline items Download in HERE

A La Mesa Began as a website to gather all the information, updated and easy to find, about restaurants. Now it is a mobile application, available in the official stores of the operating systems Android and IOS. It can also be purchased on its website and through USB devices that go hand in hand, although so far the promotion is a limitation of the Cuban market. / Download in HERE

Fantasy League   is an application developed  that provides real-time statistics of the Spanish Football League without having to be connected to the Internet. Through an email, the user can receive daily news as well as historical data relating to the sporting world.

The neuron / La neurona A video game based on the television program of the same name. This app was the first experience of collaboration between self-employed and state workers. To create it, they joined the University of Computer Science (UCI), the Enterprise of Computer Applications Desoft, the Animation Studios of ICAIC and Addicts to the iPhone. Download in HERE

National form of medicines The contents are mainly aimed at health professionals, although they are not restricted for public access, we are going to those who do not like to know what is the medicine that the doctor prescribes.