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Are you still thinking that what you enjoy in an excellent sci-fi movie is just that? The productive mind of a writer who can teach us a world that only in our imagination can exist and is far away but very much of this present in which We live
You’re wrong, read this extract from article “Obama and Trump used the Big Data to brainwash” Martin Hilbert, expert on digital networks:  via the clinic  (full art Needs to be translated)

Perhaps to understand it we have to look at how life works, the living systems.

As you know, there are different levels of abstraction:

  • below you have subatomic particles that interact to form atoms;
  • Atoms form networks to create molecules;
  • The molecules, to create cells,
  • and the cells are put into networks – each one with its respective glue – to create organisms.
  • Then the organisms are put into networks to create societies.
  • And now, what comes next?
  • Societies that are networked through technology to create something superior.

The point is that each of these levels believes to work with their own laws, and do not know that thanks to those laws have formed other laws that have created a higher level.

My cells do not know that I have consciousness. They meet and say “look, there’s a bacterium, do you attack it or me?”. They think they’re pretty free, right? But the large numbers create a reliable statistic that this bacterium is going to be attacked, and thanks to the stability of those averages is that my system has the tranquility to create what we call conscience.

And what I think will end up doing digitization is to become us cells of a larger organism.


As the AI begins to organize us, to program the society.

And it will be able to do it because although you and I believe to be very different, the operation of the society, with the big numbers, obtains very stable averages.

Then this organism can survive, until I imagine that it will be able to produce a conscience. But we will not even know that consciousness exists. That’s why I tell you that it will not be “Terminator against us”.

It is a supra organism with which we are merging, and the digitization is like the oil that unites us.

The truth is that I do not normally talk about this in public interviews, but that means for me the singularity: we are converging with technology to create a higher entity, which is called sociotechnology, techno-science or whatever you want to call it.

Why don’t you like to talk about this in interviews?

“Because he’s crazy, is not he?”

It is very deep and there are people who care more about the account.

They prefer to talk about the Amazon robot that sent them the wrong package.

We are talking about a chip implemented in the brain, but we all use technology to increase our capabilities.

It is in no case the end of humanity, it is evolution that follows its path. And the way this happens will depend on us.

So we should understand that we have a great responsibility ahead because we design the institutions that will define the future of these convergences.