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Preamble in two times

  1. The Secretary General of the OAS visit Cuba unofficially to receive a prize from Cuban dissidents, which is an unnecessary and awkward provocation of the Cuban process. Read the full article Inconsistency, a diplomatic tool
  2. It’s about time to orchestrate an excellent mass media show against the island, just as a piece of false ceiling has been dropped or a Cuban Capromys pilorides pilorides or a “jutia” has slipped with a banana peel and the local farmers have not immediately notified the Emergency Service

Some Reasons

The resistance of the Cuban people is marked by its history, it remains firm, without renouncing its principles, with an enviable national pride that seems to have not yet scared those who dream with a Cuba turned into the backyard of the United States.

On the other hand, the death of the historical leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, unleashed the imagination of some ultra-rightist and conservative prehistoric annexationists who augured an immediate future of chaos for the island, but, the yearnings faded with the passing of the days already turned into months.

So it is time to activate the usual methods, take out the fanfare and the whistles, pull a few threads here and there, the puppets must to act, by the way for something “useless” should serve the taxes we pay.

Another Story

Oswaldo Paya died in a transit accident in Cuba while his car was driven by a Spanish “non-so-tourist” (Entered with tourist visa and became involved in purely political activities, violating Cuban laws) in 2012.  As is to be expected when Cuba is concerned – the media were especially creators and unleashed all sorts of conspiracy theories even though on the island all the investigations pointed out as responsible to the driver of the vehicle / Video Here

Rosa Maria Payá, Paya daughter, enters in the select group of “dissidents” living outside the country who want to “democratize”

In order to enjoy the kindness of its hosts and maintain its title as “leader” of CubaDecide – based organization in Miami, which unfortunately for many residents of good manners, is the headquarters of the extreme Cuban-American right – she has to yell in the social networks and the media that his friends on the island are mistreated, imprisoned and beaten or claim that she fears for his life in Cuba when he actually enters and leaves the island freely, attends socials and not-so-socials activities and meets with whomever she wants.

And speaking of leadership, any of you would think to summon the masses to a popular protest (January 28, Rosa called for a national march in Cuba) in which you did not participate (Rosa leaves by her own decision Cuba on January 22)? The leaders, summon, attend, get involved, believe in what they defend and not from the convenience of a comfortable place, several thousand of us crammed the suitcases and a script dictated by third parties.

Another character who has been seized is the one who is nicknamed “El Sexto” expelled from the “educational” program sponsored by the Cuban American National Foundation at Miami Dade College for drug use, jailed on the island on several occasions by the same reasons + robbery, finally a common criminal became a defender of human rights and a political activist. The site CambiosenCuba (Changes in Cuba) offered these photos from “El Sexto” as a “civil society activist” and “defender” of human rights.

Happening Now

The Secretary General of the OAS, an agency that represents nothing of the interests of the Latin American countries, but of those of our majestic empire, has decided to go to receive a prize in Cuba,  given by an organizations without representation on the island ( The Latin American Network of Youth for Democracy (Juventud LAC) is a pseudo NGO created in December 2014 at the request of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States (CIA) to cover the subversive work that develops in Latin America a group Of young people of conservative political affiliation – Chaired by Rosa Maria Paya )  that in January  organized a massive event, a welcome opportunity to deliver the award to the above mentioned character- advertisement included: faithful representative also of  the interests of my Uncle Sam.

Some Questions 

Why in Cuba, why Rosa Maria or “El Sexto”, why now, why not in January ?

Our Answers

  1. Cuban people’s resilience is enviable, they remain firm, without renouncing their principles, with an enviable national pride that should have alerted those who imagine a Cuba turned into the backyard of the United States.
  2. In Cuba nothing has changed according to the “democratic” standards of our respect nation crowded with  marches and complaints against our model of democracy that we intend to export
  3. + it’s about time… now insert our preamble No.2 in here