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Battling against the fatigue that generates the daily work, runs in the morning to catch the subway, the cold and the dense atmosphere of the city, we went to see Hidden Figures

The word “colored” hurts you deep inside the heart & we all left the theater with encounter feelings of anger and impotence, sadness and a collective euphoric joy but mostly with the desire to scream that we still live in a nation with marked racial differences, a nation divided and convulsed.

The movie is simply an spectacular production that reminds us that racial segregation has been and is one of the outstanding issues of the recent history of the United States.

Takes us to the past to wake up in the present to verify that we continue to label people, that we still see no further than their skin and their beliefs, a well-deserved tribute to the black woman, which we hope will not remain in the past in front of some made-up productions that make people forget the reality that hurts us every day

The movie make us to remember, not to forget that:

  • more than 4,000 blacks were lynched in the United States generally in public places, compared to the satisfied glances of thousands of people
  • 25 per cent of the accusations against African Americans were based on abuse of white women and the victim was not required to be recognized against the aggressor
  • 6,000,000 black men and women had to emigrate to the north and west of this country
  • The states could not eliminate the constitutional rights of blacks “segregation” was legal for many years under the idea of “Separate but Equal” false, rude, hypocrite statement that shame us

If you have the opportunity to give yourself a break, go to the theater, do not miss this highly recommended film by this group of amateur movie critics bloggers.