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Cuba yes and yes, because:

  • it has rise its voice to denounce those who wish to see it annexed
  • it has never hesitated to confront this imposing empire
  • when it gives us the information in the media, it does not in a hurry to gain affections
  • every day give us a lesson on sovereignty and right to self-determination

Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba 

n the last few weeks, international media have spread the intention of the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro Lemes, to travel to Havana in order to receive a “prize” invented by an illegal Cuban anti-Cuban group, which operates in conspiracy with the ultra-right-wing Foundation For the Pan American Democracy, created in the days of the VII Summit of the Americas of Panama, to channel efforts and resources against legitimate and independent governments in “Our America.”

The plan, plotted on several trips between Washington and other capitals of the region, was to mount in Havana an open and serious provocation against the Cuban government, generate internal instability, damage the international image of the country and, at the same time, affect the Cuba’s diplomatic relations with other states. Perhaps some misjudged and thought that Cuba would sacrifice essences to appearances.

Almagro himself and some other right-wing members of the so-called Democratic Initiative for Spain and the Americas (IDEA), who has also been aggressive in recent years against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and other countries with governments Progressive and leftist movements in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The attempt had the collusion and support of other organizations with bulky anti-Cuban credentials, such as the Democracy and Community Center and the Center for Studies and Management for the Development of Latin America (CADAL); And the Inter-American Institute for Democracy, CIA terrorist and agent Carlos Alberto Montaner. In addition, since 2015, the link between these groups and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which receives funds from the government of that country to implement its subversive programs against Cuba.

Upon learning of these plans and enforcing the laws that underpin the nation’s sovereignty, the Cuban government decided to deny foreign nationals associated with the events described above to the national territory.

In an unblemished act of transparency and adherence to the principles governing diplomatic relations between States, the Cuban authorities contacted the governments of the countries from which those persons traveled and reported, tried to dissuade and prevent consummation Of such acts.

As established by the regulations of international civil aviation, airlines canceled the reservations of the passengers when knowing that these would not be welcome. A few were reshipped. Some people tried to manipulate the facts according to narrow political interests within their own country, in the face of the internal processes that take place in them.

There was no lack of pronouncements by defenders of false persecuted people, partners of past dictatorships and unemployed politicians willing to ally themselves with vulgar mercenaries, to the service and in payroll of foreign interests, that do not enjoy any recognition inside Cuba, live of unsustainable calumnies, pose like victims And act against the interests of the Cuban people and the political, economic and social system that he freely chose and heroically defended.

As for Almagro and the OAS, we are not surprised by its openly anti-Cuban statements and acts. In a very short time at the head of this organization, he has been outstanding for generating, without any mandate from the member states, an ambitious agenda of self-promotion with attacks against progressive governments like Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador.

In that period, the imperialist and oligarchic attacks against Latin American and Caribbean integration and against the democratic institutionalism in several of our countries have been redoubled. In a neoliberal offensive millions of Latin Americans have returned to poverty, hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs, been forced to emigrate, or were killed or disappeared by mafias and traffickers while isolationist and protectionist ideas are expanding in the hemisphere, deterioration Environmental, deportations, religious and racial discrimination, insecurity and brutal repression.

Where has the OAS been, which has always kept complicit silence in the face of these realities? Why do you shut up? It is necessary to be a latecomer to try to sell to Cubans “the values and principles of the inter-American system” against the hard and undemocratic reality engendered by the same system. It is necessary to have little memory to remember that, in February 1962, Cuba stood alone in front of this “immoral conclave”, as Fidel called it in the Second Declaration of Havana. Fifty-five years later and with the company of peoples and governments around the world, it is necessary to reiterate, as President Raúl Castro assured, that Cuba will never return to the OAS.

José Martí warned that “neither people nor men respect those who are not respected … men and peoples go through this world by digging their fingers in the flesh of others to see if it is soft or if it resists, and you have to put the hard meat, So as to cast out the bold fingers. ”

In Cuba we do not forget the lessons of history.

Havana, February 22, 2017 #CubaesNuestra hashtag