“I am proud that the City of St. Petersburg is involved in
This event, and I believe that sport, such as regatta, art and
Culture, make a bridge to promote the union of peoples with
Rick Creiseman, Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida, United States.

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15 years have passed since the International Hemingway clubs of Cuba and the St. Petersburg Yacht in the United States joined forces in the rescue of a navigation test initiated in the year 1930 between Americans and Cuban crews, who sailed 300 nautical miles among both countries

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The event is celebrating its 87th edition with the boat Mícara and its Cuban crew, the tradition is resumed with a boat registered in the fair, representing the International Hemingway clubs of Cuba,  the boat arrived at the Nautical Club of Key West and joined the regatta as a symbol of reunited peoples.

The regatta is historic, with representatives from twelve countries in total, which makes the sports echo an event of great magnitude because of its social reach and message of friendship that sends to the communities Nautical and people who in the United States and Cuba walk the path of normalization of relations between both countries.

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