Cuban health system: the long shadow of manipulation – By Cubainformacion

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Historically the media have silenced the UN reports that supported Cuba’s advances in health human development and nutrition, but now they dare to disprove them.

ELPAIS.COM: How does cuba get health care with indices from a rich country

The band seemed to anticipate a recognition of the successful Cuban health system, but no, the reportage was looking for the opposite.

ELPAIS.COM: How does cuba get health care with indices from a rich country

The band seemed to anticipate a recognition of the successful Cuban health system, but no, the reportage was looking for the opposite.

The text recognized that the Cuban health system:

  • Is at the forefront of America, and well above the world average
  • That the health investment related to GDP is higher than that of the United States or Germany
  • That the country has been the first to eliminate maternal and child transmission of HIV

However for the newspaper is not important as it has achieved a blocked third world country, but the supposed shadows of its health system that described as divided into 2, one for Cubans and another for foreigners, with exclusive clinics for tourists, Governors or high commanders, while disregarding the Cuban common people.

A whole system composed of 12,000 institutions: family medical clinics, polyclinics hospitals and other centers was reduced to the existence of a few international clinics also owned by the Cuban state that far from enriching anyone take their income to finance precisely the national free public system.

Something does not fit, how it is possible that a health system with facilities in ruins as read in the report, gets indicators praised by the director of the WHO who defined the Cuban health system as an example to follow, something that is also you can read in the text, this contradictory information has an easy explanation, the source who reported on the supposed shadows of the Cuban system, is an NGO called solidarity without frontiers whose director was presented  as a Cuban doctor exiled in Miami.

Since 2006 this NGO has been working with the state department in the Cuban Medical Professional Parole, this program was eliminated by Obama a week before he left the presidency, and had as main objective while it was active, to destroy the Cuban medical cooperation offering political asylum to cuban doctors who requested

On his website the NGO assures to work hard with the Cuban-American congressmen Ross Lehtinen, Diaz-Balart, Curbelo and the Senator Rubio  to the reestablishment of the program something they hope to will achieve with new Trump administration. The text ends with a god bless the United States of America….

El Pais uses the expert opinion of an NGO belonging to the ultra-right of Miami, with the mission of stripping millions of human beings from asia africa and america of their only possibility of receiving free medical assistance thanks to the Cuban brigades.

The Henry Reeve brigade, which received the public health award from the WHO, was qualified in the report with a lucrative diplomatic tool and a big business for the Cuban state.

Henry Reeve provides services in 60 countries. In the 40 poorest countries Cuba assumes all expenses, the remainder are shared with the receiving country, and in any case these revenues do not benefit any health tycoon, but serve to finance the free cuban system.

El Pais also states that the Cuban medical cooperation business is so large that it has left the hospitals of the island under the minimum of staff, it is true that having 50,000 health professionals abroad, half of them doctors, has a large impact on the national system, but even so, discounting the cooperation staff, the island still has a record number of 5.4 doctors per thousand inhabitants.

This report was published in the Future Planet, section of El Pais which is sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, something that can explain such a portrait of Cuba’s free medical care, linked to the strengthening of the public health system of the receptors countries, contrasts too much with the initiatives taken by Bill Gates, based on social franchises, medical consultations paid or telemedicine, a model of solidarity show denounced in excellent journalistic investigations that thanks to the freedom of the press that we enjoy will never read in the pages of El Pais.