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ICT Policy for Society / Via PL

Actions have been taken to organize and integrate the country’s ICT or Information and Communication Technology for the defense of the Revolution that guarantees the security of cyberspace against threats, risks, and attacks of all kinds is among the fundamental principles of this policy. Likewise, the imperative was to preserve associated human capital and enhance the access of citizens to the use of new technologies.

Cuba Invests on Electrochemical Industry / via PL

To meet demands from public health, sugarcane and oil industry with an investment of over 4,6 million US dollars.  The chloric-soda plant will provide liquid chlorine, caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen by this year and it will stabilize domestic market supply, enhance energy efficiency and reduce the environment impact and also it will have the capacity to produce 21 tons of liquid chlorine, 80 tons of caustic soda and sodium hypochlorite, 36 tons of hydrochloric acid, and 17,000 m3 of hydrogen per day.

Spanish Melia Hotel Chain, revenues in Cuba grew in 2016 / via ACN

According to a press released by Melia, which runs 27 hotels throughout Cuba, the revenue per available room (RevPAR) grew due to a spike in prices (17.1 percent more) influenced by the increased demand. “The 2016 results once again show a strong performance from the hotel business as a result of a positive international travel environment, especially in resorts.” Melia has hotels in all main Cuban tourist poles: Havana city, Varadero, Santiago de Cuba, the keys on the northern coast and Guardalvaca in Holguin. All facilities are 4 and 5 stars.

Cuba maintained a solid growth of the sector, registering in the months of January and February a growth of 15% compared to the same stage of 2016 / Via Granma

Which has required concerted efforts to expand accommodation capacity and respond to the increasing demand and, in particular, increase the quality of the product to meet customer expectations.

The Cuban Medical Services Distributor (SMC) recently expanded its portfolio of opportunities in the category of scientific events tourism, with 28 encounters scheduled to take place this year alone / Via Granma
They recently expanded its portfolio of opportunities in the category of scientific events tourism, with 28 encounters scheduled to take place this year alone.

The entity is offering a variety of courses, symposiums, and seminars in order to share the accumulated medical knowledge and experience of the Cuban public health sector, which has successfully developed a wide range of products, procedures, and techniques to treat various illnesses.

Topics to be addressed during these events include: arthroscopic surgery; skin cancer; thermal and quality of life tourism; chiropody; managing patients with diabetic foot syndrome; regenerative medicine – cell therapy; clinical toxicology; hearing impairment rehabilitation; minimally invasive thoracic surgery; beauty and health; head trauma; pesticide poisoning; medical response to disasters; training of primary care medical professionals; family medicine; and the challenges of microbiology and parasitology.