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The company Acosta Danza directed by the dancer Carlos Acosta defends today a more contemporary line in a season that mixes world premieres of Cuban choreographers with works of Spanish creators and an Americans.

Born in 1973, Carlos grew up as the eleventh child of an impoverished family in one of Havana’s poorest districts. His energy and drive to succeed led him to train at the National Ballet School of Cuba. From 1989 to 1991, he performed throughout the world, guesting with several leading companies.

The desire to conquer the space, to reach where nature does not allow the human body, clinging to the earth by gravity and lack of wings, that other yearning of earthly, serve the young dancer to talk about natural cycles in Life, regardless of gender.

The culture and history of Cuba have been important influences throughout Carlos’ career. In 2011 he created the Carlos Acosta International Dance Foundation with the aim of giving young dancers the opportunity to benefit from world-class training, as he did. With the agreement of the Cuban government, the Foundation is creating what it intends should be a landmark dance center of international renown in Havana.

In 2015 Acosta started his company, Acosta Danza, with young talented contemporary and ballet dancers. On April 2016 they had their debut in Havana’s Great Theater Alicia Alonso.