Fighting Parkinson’s disease in Cuba


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Cuban doctors have practiced since  2016 the functional surgery of Parkinson’s disease that has benefited several patients in the Caribbean country.

Using the technique of minimum access, neurosurgery specialists manage to reach the deep brain, selecting the altered nucleus, acting on it to improve the clinical symptoms of the patients.

The surgeries are practiced with two software produced in Cuba and make the symptoms and signs of the disease, such as stiffness and involuntary tremors, disappear remarkably in each patient during and after the intervention.

This type of minimally accessible surgery is carried out in Latin America by healthcare institutions in Cuba, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

In these last three nations, each patient must pay about 150 thousand dollars, but in Cuba, although each operation costs the State approximately 50 thousand, for the patient, it is totally free.

One thought on “Fighting Parkinson’s disease in Cuba”

  1. Hi,
    My name is Kassim Abood, I am an Australian citizen and have Parkinson disease since 2012. I wonder how much it will cost me if I would like to have Parkinson operation in Cuba?
    Kassim Abood
    email: kassima@


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