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“The new agenda of the United States government threatens to unleash an extreme and selfish trade protectionism that will impact the competitiveness of our foreign trade; Will violate environmental agreements to favor the revenues of transnational corporations; Will pursue and deport migrants generated by the unequal distribution of wealth and the growth of poverty caused by the imposed international order.”

“The wall that is intended to be built on the northern border of Mexico is an expression of this irrationality, not only against this brother country, but against our entire region. We express the solidarity of Cuba with the Mexican people and government. Poverty, catastrophes and migrants are not contained with walls (Applause), but with cooperation, understanding and peace.”

Raul Castro Ruz, Cuban President, March 5 ALBA TCP

Introductory note: The ALBA-TCP (Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas) emerged as an alternative to the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas – an interference and exploitation of the natural and human resources of the countries of the area)

History, the most enlightened of all our professors, has shown us how darknees the past has been and continues to be the present of the relations between the United States and the countries of South America and the Caribbean.

The new presidency of the US has provoked, in tune with the times that we live, a globalization in the economic, political and social expectations (that already begin to materialize)

Regional organizations are not left out, and among them, those formed by the countries that make up Latin America, to the south of this one continent that is divided between south and north in its goals and priorities.

The 14th ALBA-TCP Extraordinary Summit has been held in Caracas, Venezuela (a country so besieged by the media as Cuba)

The president of the island, Raul Castro, leaves us some reflections to share and is that our actions not only impact within our borders, we overcome and affect third parties. It is a pity that such important precisions mean nothing to the hegemonic minds of our failed administration.

Summary-As Talking Points (Added to the two that we placed at the beginning of the post):

  • We are at a crucial stage in our history, in which a regional regression would have very negative impacts on our people.
  • The member of ALBA-TCP consider solidarity and integration as an essential condition for progress towards development, in the face of the growing formation of large blocks dominating the world economy
  • The link between ALBA and the Sao Paulo Forum and the relationship between revolutionary and progressive governments with political forces, popular movements, trade unions, peasants, students, academics and the intelligentsia of our people continue to be decisive today.
  • We revolutionaries have many ideas and visions of what the road may be and how to successfully navigate it. But in order to consolidate unity, we must put aside, with modesty, everything that divides and separates us.
  • No just cause of the Great Homeland is alien. We will never fail the caring brothers of the Caribbean.