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Cuba is best known among curious tourists for its beautiful beaches and incredible colonial architecture, yet treasures among its attractions an enviable biodiversity.

“Sierra Cristal”, Sierra Cristal, it’s one of the most biodiversity places in Cuba, is a mountain chain located in the southeast of the island , in the province of Holguin. The highest elevation is the Crystal Peak with 1,300 meters above sea level and is the second largest mountain range in the country.

Is also a site of historical interest, there the Rebel Army installed its Second Front Frank País defense. In 1930 it was declared Protected Area and national park of Cuba in 1959.

The abundant crystalline quartz that runs along its slopes gives rise to the name and extends for two thousand square kilometers (71.6 square miles).

Extensive areas of beautiful woodland, more than two hundred species of plants and a variety of fauna including birds, mollusks, reptiles and three species of mammals give it its protected status.

In 1998 the first study of the area was carried out: 220 species of plants, 53 of spiders and mollusks, 28 of amphibians, 19 of reptiles and 3 species of mammals.

Almiquí, called Solenodon Cubanus


A living specimen of an insectivorous animal endemic to Cuba and believed to be extinct was captured on the eastern slopes of the island. The discovery of a male malachite “reinforces the hopes that … does not happen to appear in the catalog of the disappeared from the face of the Earth”

The creature, similar to a badger and that can measure up to 50 centimeters, is plump chestnut color dark or black. It has an elongated muzzle of pink hue. The last discoveries of almiquies, scientifically called Solenodon Cubanus, were produced in 1974 in Baracoa, Guantanamo and 25 years later in 1999 a female was caught in the Sierra de Cristal.